SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - December 20, 2016) - Common Networks, the software driven wireless internet service provider, has launched a new internet service for suburban neighborhoods starting with Alameda, California. The company delivers high speed last-mile internet access to suburban neighborhoods using smart algorithms and state-of-the-art wireless hardware.

The vast majority of Americans struggle with slow and unreliable internet service, particularly in suburban areas. The U.S. has an average speed of 15Mbps, a shocking number when you consider that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines less than 25Mbps stream speed to be "unserved" and 25-99.9Mbps to be "underserved." The high cost of delivering wired internet has created a monopolistic market for consumers, eliminating all but a few options for high-speed broadband.

Common Networks uses proprietary software to build a strong wireless internet infrastructure without the typically prohibitive cost associated with setting up service. The technology approach is similar to the software-defined networking methodology used by modern data centers, where complex and intelligent software is layered on top of inexpensive hardware for superior performance and reliability. Common Networks' sophisticated, self-aware software processes consistently give its customers the fastest and most reliable path to the internet.

With a team made up of early employees from payments platform innovator Square, Common Networks has strong roots in solving physical, hardware-based problems with software. The company's software approach to wireless internet builds robust neighborhood wireless mesh network to provide superior signal and speed over legacy solutions.

"Traditional internet providers have underserved suburban U.S. neighborhoods, putting us woefully behind the rest of the world on internet speeds," said Zach Brock, Founder and CEO at Common Networks. "The demand for bandwidth is only accelerating as we enter an era of connected devices, increased streaming volume, and new technologies like Virtual Reality. It's time for a different approach to delivering reliable, fast, and affordable internet to every neighborhood."

Common Networks' new offerings include unlimited broadband internet with upload and download speeds of above 50Mbps for $50 per month with no contract, added fees or hidden taxes. New subscribers in Alameda will receive six months free as part of an introductory offer.

"Wireless connectivity is ubiquitous yet the average household internet speed is less than 15Mbps. As more aspects of our lives come online we need last-mile internet connectivity capable of facilitating our increasingly digitized lifestyles," said Lior Susan, Founder and Partner at Eclipse Ventures. "Common Networks' groundbreaking yet elegant offering provides high speed broadband home wireless without the reliability and customer support issues so pervasive in legacy internet service providers."

About Common Networks, Inc.
Common Networks is a software driven wireless internet service provider based in San Francisco. The company empowers residents of suburban neighborhoods with a simple, affordable, and reliable way to connect to high speed wireless internet. Using proprietary software algorithms, Common Networks is able to distribute and stabilize internet access in a way that gives consistently fast speeds. Founded in 2016, the company has raised $2.3 million in seed funding from Eclipse Ventures.

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