DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Dec 30, 2016) - Hangover Joe's (OTC PINK: HJOE) is the nation's manufacturer of "The Hangover Recovery Shot," the leading morning after hangover recovery shot in America. We will be in New Orleans this year again for what is being touted as one of the biggest New Year's Eve parties in the USA. We will also be sampling our brand of Hangover Recovery Shots in Las Vegas. Our dealer in Las Vegas will be out on the Las Vegas Strip and down on Fremont Street providing revelers the relief they need to feel better in the morning from a night of New Year's partying. Las Vegas is always a partying city and our brand has been very successful here. We launched a dealership of Hangover Joe's hangover recovery shots in Las Vegas in 2016, so many will experience the joys of hangover relief come New Year's Day in Vegas.

"This year in New Orleans it's going to be bigger than ever," said Shawn Adamson, Co-founder of Hangover Joe's. "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest, which will be broadcast live from New Orleans with the historic back drop of the French Quarter, is going to bring in over 400,000 locals and tourists to the French Quarter. This is the first time they will broadcast the show from a central time zone after the ball drops in New York City, with the lighted fleur-de-lis dropping from the top of Jax Brewery during the countdown to midnight in New Orleans. When the clock strikes 12, a large fireworks display will shine atop the Mississippi River at the French Quarter. Hangover Joe's will be there, providing samples of our brand of recovery shots to New Year's Eve revelers in the Big Easy."

"This is how you build a brand from the street up and we are always promoting and growing the brand at the street level," said Mike Jaynes, Co-founder of Hangover Joe's. "Our street teams will be out providing the recovery folks need to feel better in the morning from the New Year's Eve partying. We are in many stores in both Las Vegas & New Orleans so our brand is very well established in these markets as well. We have Hangover Recovery Smart Vending Machines in bars & clubs to provide relief at the point of sale of alcohol. There is not a better place to sell Hangover Recovery Shots than in bars and clubs with our smart vending machines. We are the only hangover recovery company in the country to have pioneered these machines and are marketing our brand right where hangovers originate. We have dealerships of our brand of hangover recovery shots all over the country and we are always working to build our brand awareness and grow the reach of our company."

"Our company continues to lead the hangover recovery shot category in beverages in the USA! Over the last year the Hangover Joe's brand, through independent dealerships, has expanded to over 40 major markets in the USA alone," said Matt Veal, CEO for the company. We continue to build this company and category throughout the USA. We are a functional lifestyle company, we actually improve the quality of lives of people with our product and that is a self-rewarding feeling, knowing we are aiding people to feel better. We plan to expand the growth of our brands in 2017 both internationally and domestically. We are working with a large distributor in Europe and in South Korea as The Hangover Recovery Shot has a global market and reach. This is a multibillion dollar market worldwide in hangover relief and recovery.

The CDC has reported that hangovers cost the USA 250 billion dollars a year in lost productivity. We have a very large market segment we're reaching and a brand that aids in the relief of a hangover. The market for our company is massive and we are expanding our reach nationwide and growing the brand internationally. 2017 will be a year that brings more growth to our company. We are going to consistently grow our brand both domestically & internationally in 2017 as well as lead the way in placement of smart vending machines around the USA in top bars, Clubs, Hotels, Casinos, Airports, Gyms etc.

We have also just added a full line of Hangover Joe's gourmet beef jerky and this is selling in stores as much as 3-1 up against some of the nation's leading brands. Because of more healthy choices by consumers and the market demanding high protein snacks, we saw a need for a gourmet beef jerky. We are very excited about our new brand and it has become a top seller on Amazon from the day it was launched. The beef jerky sticks to the Hangover Joe's tradition of offering a superior product at a very good price point. Some of our beef jerky flavors are cured with alcohol, such as our New Orleans Whiskey Cured Cajun Jerky, our Tequila Lime Habanero as well as our IPA Beer Cured Jerky & our Sake Teriyaki jerky, which are all exclusive to Hangover Joe's. To view our new line of gourmet beef jerky go to Just like with our Hangover Recovery Shot, we are leading the way now in gourmet beef jerky products with our new line that is entirely USDA aged beef brisket, unlike other jerky found in the USA market that is produced with beef from South America or from Asia. We are leading the way with our own gourmet marinated beef jerky that is all hand-picked beef brisket. We like to say its #Jerkylicious! The public has responded overwhelmingly both in stores and on Amazon by buying our unique gourmet brand of jerky, and we cannot be happier with how this brand is being responded to by consumers.

Being the leading hangover recovery shot in the USA, we know that the research suggests that at one time or another about 50 percent of the USA labor force has went to work hungover. That is a lot of lost productivity and we aim help overcome that loss of productivity. Our brand's objective it to Relieve, Recover & Re-Energize the individual from the dreaded effects of the morning hangover. Since 2009 we have been doing just that and leading the way and pioneering a new category as a functional lifestyle beverage.

Healthspan, a British-based online nutritional health site, recently surveyed 2,000 people over the age of 18 (the drinking age in the U.K.), who said they wake up at least once a month feeling hungover. That equals 724 days over the average adult lifespan or over 2 years of being hungover across a lifetime. Hangover Joe's knows there is a vast market for our brand and products. We're here every day of the year, not just on New Year's providing the relief folks need to have a better quality of life. The thing about hangovers is they seem to happen again and again and when they do consumers can turn to Hangover Joe's for relief! Have a safe and happy #HangoverFree #NoHangover New Years from the Staff and management of Hangover Joe's!

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