LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 5, 2017) - Consumer Electronics Show -- With cyber-attacks posing an ever increasing threat to professionals and corporate security, i-BLADES Inc., creator of the world's first "Smartcase," and POMM, an American/Israeli mobile security company, have partnered to produce advanced biometric security solutions for business and governments by dramatically upgrading security protocols on users' existing smartphones.

The new Smartblade-POMM-Pro, available later this year, is a snap-on attachment to the i-BLADES Smartcase that transforms the level of encryption on any mobile device. It creates a local cloud type environment completely shielded from Internet and Public Clouds and includes a set of hacker-proof cell phone applications, such as Media, Messaging, Email and more. Users can store, download and deliver all kinds of "classified" information -- to/from emails, cell phone messages and Internet data transmissions in the utmost secure manner.

The Smartblade-POMM-Pro is designed specifically for the BYOD market, corporations and government agencies that all require higher levels of security than standard smartphones and software solutions provide. It provides unprecedented levels of secure encryption to meet the harshest of cyber security requirements.

With its compact size and simplicity of use, the Smartblade-POMM-Pro makes mass market adoption easy. No technical knowledge is required, it just snaps-on to the i-BLADES Smartcase as another module. This not only creates a secure platform but also gives users extra battery life and memory space on the Smartblade. When users don't need the additional layer of data encryption and storage, they simply snap off the Smartblade-POMM-Pro and go about their everyday activities.

"Keeping classified information private is becoming top priority for companies today, especially with the growing BYOD trend. But giving custom smartphones to employees is neither practical nor cost-effective. Even after millions of investment dollars, theses phones quickly become obsolete," said Jorge Fernandes, CEO of i-BLADES. "Our Smartblade-POMM-Pro is perfect for organizations that don't have a security solution in place, or have a limited solution that is only software based -- and it's just a fraction of the cost of anything else out there."

"Our joint solution is a winning combination of technologies," said David Freidenberg, CEO of POMM Inc. "Data Privacy and Security, especially on mobile devices, is a crucial problem and needs to be solved immediately. Smartblade-POMM-Pro is a usable and cost effective solution for a wide variety of industries -- Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Military, Government, Police forces -- as well as professionals dealing with sensitive legal, medical or financial information, such as lawyers, accountants, brokers, doctors and managers."

Access to Smartblade-POMM-Pro content is well protected via a multi-step biometric authentication process, which unlocks the Smartblade only to its authorized owner. It comes with various options for encrypted storage, up to 300 GB, and doubles smartphone battery life.

At CES, i-BLADES and POMM will be showcasing the new Smartblade-POMM-Pro at the i-BLADES booth in South Hall 3 #35304 alongside the rest of i-BLADES smart accessories' ecosystem.

i-BLADES Smartcase is available for immediate delivery for the Samsung smartphone family and soon for all top brands. The Smartblade-POMM-Pro Professional Version has a projected price of just $199 and is expected to be commercially available in Q2. The BYOD version, including an interface with corporate server/s, is expected to be commercially available in Q3 2017. The Smartblade-POMM-Pro can be pre-ordered at

About POMM
POMM (Privacy-On-My-Mind) develops groundbreaking biometrically authenticated and biosensor-protected user-enhanced privacy solutions, providing a selection of world-wide patented mobile solutions. POMM is a US company based on Israeli technology. It received the prestigious R&D grant of the European FP7 fund, leading the critical part of the innovative PCAS secured mobile communication system development project. POMM R&D teams collaborate with leading companies and research institutes in the fields of mobile IT and security.

About i-BLADES
A Silicon Valley start-up, i-BLADES designs and markets modular add-on technology for the global smartphone market. CEO and founder Jorge Fernandes was one of the lead people behind Apple Pay technology. i-BLADES created the world's first "Smartcase," a next-generation mobile phone case with smart technology inside. It's a modular expansion platform that lets users add functionality to smartphones -- more battery life, more storage, solutions around air quality, VR headset, wellness, entertainment, etc. With i-BLADES Developer Program, companies can use the Smart Platform to create function-specific Blades for every market imaginable. The company is a 2017 CES Innovation Awards Honoree.

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