New Research from DiscoverOrg Identifies Key Sales & Marketing Drivers of the World’s Fastest Growing Companies

Survey reveals organizations with the highest growth rates typically invest heavily in account-based marketing, cold calling, training, and emerging technologies

Vancouver, Washington, UNITED STATES

VANCOUVER, Wash., Jan. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global, high-growth companies are more likely to invest in account-based strategies, cold calling, rigorous sales training, and data quality initiatives than their lower growth counterparts according to a survey of 200 sales and marketing organizations conducted in November 2016 by DiscoverOrg, the world’s leading sales and marketing intelligence solution

In partnership with Smart Selling Tools, the study is the first to identify the specific operational drivers of growth that enable companies to achieve top quartile growth rates.  Of the 200 respondents, companies characterized as “high growth” realized 40% or greater growth over the past 3 years.”

The findings clearly demonstrate that the fastest growing companies spend more time “doing the hard things” when it comes to their sales and marketing efforts as compared to their lower growth peers:

  • High growth companies are 2.5X as likely to have an account-based marketing strategy in place
  • High growth companies are 2X as likely to see strong results from cold calling and are more likely to have a dedicated outbound prospecting team
  • High growth companies use 2x as many sales technologies and 24% more marketing technologies and are more likely to hire sales reps that are “tech-savvy” than “experienced”
  • The fastest growing companies provide three or more hours per week of coaching and training to their sales team

High growth companies also identified a lack of quality account and contact data as their top growth inhibitor - indicating they could grow even faster if they had better data at their fingertips.

“The findings clearly demonstrate that achieving fast growth is not as simple as having a great product and hiring experienced sales reps,” said Henry Schuck, CEO of DiscoverOrg. “Sales and marketing teams that are true revenue-generating engines take risks and do the hard things - like cold calling, focusing on data quality, and heavily aligning sales and marketing teams across account-based strategies.”

“Technology proliferation in the sales and marketing industry is both a challenge and an opportunity,” added  Nancy Nardin, CEO of Smart Selling Tools. “The fastest growing companies are investing in technologies that make their sales and marketing teams more productive and more insightful, while recognizing it is equally as important to have highly trained team members who know how to leverage that technology to its fullest power.”

To read the entire study, download the report here.  For a detailed discussion of the results, please register for the webinar to be held Thursday, January 12 at 10am PT.

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