Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jan. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sqrrl, the leader in cyber threat hunting, announced that for the second year in a row SC Magazine has selected it as a Top Innovator. In the Next Generation Security Analytics category, Sqrrl was one of only five products that met the magazine’s strict requirements for advanced algorithmic analysis and machine learning. Security analytics is a key component in aiding threat hunters to find hidden threats inside their network.

“The entire Sqrrl team, which includes some of the industry’s best security technologists, data scientists, and hunters, is incredibly proud of this award,” said CEO Mark Terenzoni. “Sqrrl’s ability to ingest and analyze multi-petabytes of data is the foundation of our Threat Hunting Platform that detects and investigates the world’s most sophisticated cyber adversaries.”

In their review, SC Magazine noted, “While this Innovator didn't exactly coin the term ‘threat hunting,’ it certainly has given it form and substance.” Sqrrl’s vision of threat hunting goes beyond the simple search and basic analytics that have been the norm for so many years, by transforming raw data into contextual knowledge and actionable insights.

Sqrrl displays data on every asset or entity (including users, hosts, IPs, and domains) as connected nodes on a graph. This Security Behavior Graph bolsters hunting practices, as threat hunters can seamlessly pivot through network, identity, endpoint, and security data based on pre­defined connections between the various entities. Sqrrl’s Threat Hunting Platform combines the intuitive search capabilities enabled by Security Behavior Graph with powerful machine learning analytics that detect subtle and linked anomalies associated with kill chain tactics.

“We know that one of the biggest challenges businesses and organizations face today is the lack of trained personnel and standardized approaches to hunting.” Mark Terenzoni explains. “We’ve solved that problem by building a solution that guides a hunter’s workflow. By giving hunters starting points (trailheads) and providing tips and hints about where to look next, we can help less experience analysts take on more advanced hunt missions.”

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Sqrrl overview:  With its combination of scalable big data architecture, interactive Security Behavior Graph, and machine learning-powered kill chain analytics, Sqrrl sets itself apart as a unique tool in the modern security ecosystem. Designed to be a turn-key solution for threat hunting and incident investigations, it optimizes an organization’s existing workflows and practices to hunt out threats faster and more efficiently. Learn more at