CloudHealth Genomics Presents HealthySeq, the World's First Whole Genome Sequencing Liquid Biopsy Test for Healthy Individuals

BOSTON, MA and SHANGHAI, CHINA--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2017) - CloudHealth Genomics, a leading genomics-based precision medicine solutions provider in China, presented data today for the launch of HealthySeq, the world first whole genome next generation sequencing (NGS)-based liquid biopsy test designed to establish a genomic baseline for healthy individuals for a scientific health/wellness management perspective at the 9th Annual Biotech Showcase™, which occurs concurrently to the 35th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Liquid biopsy approach has been a widely used to assist in the diagnosis, treatment decision making process and monitoring of treatment for many types of cancers. However, early disease detection is a more logical, imperative goal necessary to improve dramatically the patient's odds for successful treatment strategies, survival and overall, increase the quality of life of a patient. Given the continuous increase in health care cost mostly due to therapy focused on end stage sequela of diseases rather than prevention and early detection, CloudHealth Genomics has taken a different strategic approach by integrating whole genome and target-sequencing of circulating biomarkers for "healthy patients" from newborns to adults, for disease stratification, early screening and identification of precision therapies.

Jason Gang Jin, CEO and Winston Patrick Kuo, CTO of CloudHealth Genomics, presented HealthySeq data of both genomic and circulating biomarkers in blood of healthy individuals and noted significant differences in fragment size, quantity, CNV and variants as compared mid- and high-risk patient with cancer, cardiac and/or neurological diseases. The data demonstrated the clinical utility of establishing a baseline for individuals along with mitochondrial aberration tracking, but also for the greater Chinese population about their biological background, discovering novel mutations longitudinally, hereditary information, which in turn will allow CloudHealth Genomics to partner with and/or developing tests for a broad early disease screening test (CloudScreen), diagnostics (CloudDx) tests for different indications and partnering with Pharma for drug development.

HealthySeq blood test is based on CloudHealth Genomic's HiSeq X10 NGS platform and patent-pending circulating biomarker technology enabling sensitive, accurate and real-time longitudinal detection of genetic alterations using circulating extracellular nucleic acids for CloudHealth Genomics Wellness and Longevity initiative for the Chinese community.

CloudHealth Genomics has the one of the largest Chinese population WGS database in China, with greater than 20,000 Chinese individuals. The database contains genomic profiling data generated from the HiSeq X10 NGS platform annotated with longitudinal and outcomes data developed internally.

 "We are enthusiastic and encouraged by taking a different approach that compliments many stakeholders in diagnostic and drug development space by providing a clinical-WGS and targeted sequencing data for generating a circulating biomarker baseline for each patient and utilizing/mining the "big-data" to create guidelines for personalized longitudinal monitoring for wellness and diagnostics the plethora of diseases for the Chinese population, given the presence of circulating biomarkers in our system," added Winston Patrick Kuo, CTO of CloudHealth Genomics.

"We are entering a more self-conscious and aging society, where more people are well-educated and are likely to know more about themselves and monitor their health during their lifetime. Non-invasive precision monitoring and personalized health management is the key to a healthier society and an improved quality of life," added Jason Gang Jin, CEO of CloudHealth Genomics. "We are committed to partnering with top academic and industry leaders who share our vision of improving and innovating the global precision medicine healthcare ecosystem."

About CloudHealth Genomics

CloudHealth Genomics, Ltd., based in Shanghai, is the leading company in China focused on whole genome tests and providing genomics-based precision medicine and scientific wellness solutions. The company prides itself in having a certified clinical genetic testing lab and a high throughput sequencing center (HiSeq X10 platform). CloudHealth Genomics is part of a larger CloudHealth Medical Group ecosystem, comprising of CloudHealth Life Center, CloudHealth High-End Clinic Center, CloudHealth Big Data Center, CloudHealth Genomics Research Institute, Academician Experts Workstation and CloudHealth Club of Medical Doctors. For more information, visit (English) or (Chinese).

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