Yappn Awarded a Contract with Reebonz Limited

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yappn Corp. (“Yappn” or “Company”) (OCTQB:YPPN), a real-time innovative language solutions Company is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract for eCommerce Translation with Reebonz Limited (“Reebonz”), one of the most established online luxury companies in Southeast Asia.

Over the summer, Yappn worked on a successful pilot project with Reebonz that included Arabic translation for a number of Reebonz sites in that region. After the successful pilot project, Yappn was awarded a contract to support real-time translation on their newly launched global website.  Yappn will initially support four languages with an additional seven languages to be added at a later time.

Steve Taylor, Chief Sales Officer said: “Our teams worked exceptionally well together during the pilot and we were able to deliver a great user experience and high quality real-time translation on the Arabic sites.  We are very pleased to be taking this relationship to the next level and supporting the new Reebonz global launch.”  

The annual contract includes translation for the Reebonz.com main site as well as their marketplace site. Yappn has initially translated over 130,000 products and will continue to translate additional products as they are added on a daily basis to the Reebonz site.

Torres Oey, CTO of Reebonz stated: “Yappn’s real-time enhanced machine translation solution allows us to handle the large and dynamic product mix that makes up Reebonz.com and our marketplace site.  This solution allows for large-scale translations to be executed at a fraction of the cost of human translation and at the speed and quality we require given the scale and fluidity of our product offering. The customization and enhancement of the translation is an ongoing process based on a collaborative effort between Yappn and Reebonz.”

Yappn’s translation solutions dramatically improve upon traditional translation methods by translating context and syntax along with words, preserving accuracy, meaning and relevance from one language to another. These solutions are hosted on Microsoft Azure, an open and flexible cloud platform allowing Yappn to build applications using multiple languages, tools and framework to deliver Reebonz and all its clients, a dependable offering with a scalable solution that addresses a global marketplace, all in real-time.

“Yappn offers a dramatic paradigm shift in the art of translation by providing a seamless, fast, cost effective solution that’s hosted on Azure and supports customers anywhere in the world,” said Mary-Ellen Anderson, VP Developer Experience & Evangelism with Microsoft Canada.  “Azure’s platform provides Yappn and its customers a secure, automated system that can be automatically scaled to meet seasonality, special events, or monthly growth trends.”

About Reebonz Limited

Reebonz is one of the most established online luxury sales companies in Southeast Asia. Modelled around the concept of “accessible luxury”, members can shop on web or mobile for an exciting collection on new and pre-owned luxury merchandise. Reebonz targets customers in the Asia-Pacific region with business operations in eight countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and South Korea.         

About Yappn

Yappn Corp. (OTCQB:YPPN) empowers clients to grow their business and capture new markets through its proprietary innovative language solutions. Offering a complete customizable set of tools to engage consumers in up to 67 languages, Yappn’s technology gives people, brands and organizations the power to be social, conduct commerce and communicate freely without a language barrier.

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