MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Jan. 23, 2017) - Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (CSE:EAC)(CSE:EAC.CN) ("Earth Alive" or the "Company"), a leading Canadian Clean-Tech company, developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art microbial technology-based products for sustainable agriculture and mining, is pleased to announce positive results from on-farm trials in Honeydew melons using its microbial biofertilizer and biostimulant, Soil Activator™. Earth Alive's Soil Activator™ is a patent-pending, CFIA registered, non-crop specific, organic microbial biofertilizer designed to produce more vigorous plants and higher yields by improving nutrient availability in the soil.

Over the past year farmers in Chile have been conducting commercial trials and adopting Soil Activator in a range of important crops including grapes, avocado, and cherries. Outstanding results have repeatedly demonstrated the efficacy and beneficial modes of action of Soil Activator™ in different soils and crops in various regions of Chile.

The most recent results are from a trial on Honeydew melons (Dream Dew variety) that took place in Placilla, in Chile's Sixth region. Earth Alive´s Agronomist in Chile, Sebastian Gonzalez, described the melon trial details: "The melons were transplanted on October 27th, and Soil Activator™ was applied two days later as a soil drench at 5 kg/ha. Improvements in plant growth were visible within just a few weeks, and now that harvest has started the yields are confirming our earlier observations."

In Chile, melons are sold by the unit and are graded into three sizes. Initial harvests revealed a significant shift towards larger and more valuable melons in the plot treated with Soil Activator™. The proportion of Grade-A melons (>2.9 kg) was similar in the two treatments, though the treated melons were heavier on average. Plants treated with Soil Activator™ produced 83% Grade-B melons (2 - 2.9 kg) and no Grade-C melons (<2 kg). Untreated plants produced 26% Grade-B and 38% Grade-C. This shift toward larger melons and a much higher Grade-B percentage has made a positive impact on crop revenue.

"The exciting results from this melon trial demonstrate yet again that Soil Activator™ improves a farmer's bottom line," stated Michael K. Warren, Earth Alive's V.P. of Agriculture. "In this case we are looking at an 10% increase in revenue. Soil Activator™ is providing Chilean farmers with a new and innovative crop management tool; one that achieves improved crop productivity and optimizes agronomic and financial resources."

The results of this trial are in line with results obtained in similar melon trials performed in France, where the average diameter of melons treated with Soil Activator™ increased by 5% (see Earth Alive's press release of September 27, 2016).

Soil Activator is currently registered and sold in 11 countries worldwide, including important Latin American melon producing countries such as Honduras - where melon exports are expected to generate US$60-65 million in 2017.(1)

About Earth Alive Clean Technologies:

Earth Alive aims to be a key player in world markets of environmentally sustainable industrial solutions. The company works with the latest innovations in microbial technology to formulate and patent innovative products that can tackle the most difficult industrial challenges, once only reserved to environmentally harmful chemicals and additives. The company is focused on environmental sustainability in the agriculture industry, and 2) dust control for the mining industry.

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