NEW YORK, NY --(Marketwired - January 24, 2017) - Wall St. Training, a leader in corporate training and education, today announced an enhanced corporate mission and presence. As the firm continues to serve its clients and augment its core expertise, it will be known as:

Wall Street Training & Advisory, Inc.

"The name change reflects our greater corporate identity," says Hamilton Lin, CFA, Founder & CEO of Wall Street Training & Advisory, Inc. (WST). "We've had excellent success in providing corporate education but as markets continue to become more complex the services we offer our clients have also evolved significantly beyond training."

For over 16 years Lin has been providing financial modeling, valuation, and Excel-based training to investment and commercial banks, asset managers, government agencies, regulators, and Fortune 500 companies. WST started by offering standardized training programs to leading institutions around the world, with an emphasis on critical thinking, technical proficiency, strict adherence to best practices, and substantial gains in efficiency. These programs range from fundamental analysis such as financial modeling and valuation, to complex topics in quantitative finance such as credit risk and portfolio efficiency modeling.

In addition to providing industry-leading training in financial modeling and valuation, WST's mission has evolved to include client-specific advisory services related to accessing capital markets, custom financial modeling, and the development and implementation of business strategy and financial reporting structures.

"We work with clients from around the world, in a variety of different industries," notes Lin. "We led the complete overhaul of a Caribbean airport authority's internal financial modeling, budgeting, and reporting processes to bring them into compliance with debt reporting covenants. Another major project involved developing a custom-built, specialized valuation model to confidentially evaluate a major sale decision for a leading asset manager." He also cites a case where WST worked with a US federal agency to more effectively monitor securities activity and detect regulatory violations in the wake of the 2008 credit crisis.

This range of experiences has helped bolster WST's ability to solve unique problems for their clients. Lin adds that, "because of our diverse client base, as well as the varied experience of our team, we are able to bring cross-disciplinary insights to the projects we work on, often offering a fresh perspective on our clients' most challenging problems."

"With decades of industry expertise across our team, we look forward to growing and adapting to service clients in the global financial marketplace, providing best-in-class corporate training while also applying our expertise to assist clients in more specialized ways," Lin says.

While the firm and its principals' prior experience include transaction sizes in the billions of dollars, Lin continues to emphasize service to middle market clients, stating "some of the most interesting deals I've worked on were the result of the unique limitations placed on companies that don't necessarily have the resources of larger firms have but still experience the same complex problems."

In addition, all the company's previous websites will soon be merged into a new internet and email domain:

About Wall Street Training & Advisory, Inc.

Wall Street Training & Advisory, Inc. (WST) is a leading global provider of training and advisory services. WST has a nearly two-decades-long track record of successfully providing services to clients across a variety of financial industry verticals, including investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, equity and fixed-income research, asset and investment management, credit analysis, private equity, and high-yield LBO and special situation/distressed analysis. WST has also worked with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, extra-governmental regulatory organizations, and professional organizations around the world to provide tailored training for new hires and existing employees.

Clients looking beyond standard training programs continue to seek out WST's Training+ service, which provides customized, consulting-style programs that integrate WST's decades of specialized expertise, market insights, and best practices to improve their financial and operational processes. Furthermore, WST's advisory practice focuses on assisting clients to maximize value while accessing the capital markets or exploring strategic alternatives by refining financial projections, valuation, strategic positioning, and management presentations.

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