EdgeWave Boosts Security Capabilities and Granular Policy Management for its Industry Recognized iPrism Secure Web Gateway Solution

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - January 24, 2017) - EdgeWave, Inc.® (www.edgewave.com), a cybersecurity firm based in La Jolla, California, announced today the release of EdgeWave iPrism™ Secure Web Gateway 8.1. This release is focused on delivering enhanced security and deeper, more granular policy control and management for enterprises.

According to Verizon's 2016 Data Breach Incident Report (DBIR), web application attacks and unauthorized data transfer continue to be the most widespread types of data loss1. With the rapid adoption of cloud-based web applications, organizations are at risk from even more web based threats. With EdgeWave iPrism Secure Web Gateway 8.1, enterprises get a set-it and forget-it yet powerful web security solution, providing improved security features, policy management, reporting, and visibility -- all critical to ultimate web protection.

"EdgeWave iPrism has undergone an incredible re-architecture that emphasizes its already comprehensive, advanced URL filtering and malware protection," said Bob Crowe, Vice President of Engineering. "With this release, we're delivering enhancements that improve the usability, performance and business value of the product. Our newly redesigned reporting system, additional TLS/SSL enhancements, and proactive exception handling provide enterprises more granularity in their policy management, application and reporting."

EdgeWave iPrism is a secure web gateway appliance solution that provides real time malware defense and the most accurate URL classification using our unique combination of automated intelligence and 100% human review. Deployed as an efficient cloud-hybrid platform, iPrism is a highly effective, granular, and affordable solution to keep critical data secure from even the most persistent cyber threats. This current release of iPrism offers:

  • Redesigned Reporting System -- Manage through enhanced comprehensive dashboard and reporting manager, providing updated Real-Time Monitoring, enhanced scheduling and storage features as well as new report criteria options.
  • Real-Time Monitoring -- Track and monitor Web and application usage in real time, getting insight into who, what, when and where.
  • Proactive Exception Handling via Overrides. Anticipate and proactively handle exceptions at a granular level, maintaining higher levels of policy granularity.
  • TLS/SSL Interoperability -- Maintain policy granularity while allowing TLS/SSL encryption/decryption, without needing to "call back" to client.

EdgeWave iPrism already provides award-winning features that safeguard customers from web based attacks, including:

  • iGuard URL Analysis -- Real-time URL analysis capability behind EdgeWave iPrism Web Security - combining human review with next-generation technology to provide the most accurate website assessments with the lowest false positive and false negative rates in the industry.
  • Integrated Antivirus -- Fully integrated anti-virus scanning with real-time data stream scanning of http and https traffic. Includes a zero day high-risk and infected URL feed with up-to-the minute updates.
  • Secure Traffic Analysis -- Complete HTTPS SNI and Host Certificate inspection with full TLS decryption for policy compliance and content inspection. Our secure traffic analysis includes selective TLS interception configurable via destination domain and/or website category.
  • Application Analysis and Control -- Application controls to reduce the risks associated with unsanctioned communications. Allows monitoring and blocking of IM and P2P applications such as Skype and FTP with a simple set-and-forget check box.
  • Anti-Botnet Protection -- Continuous defense against dangerous botnets by leveraging a unique botnet threat database to stop the "phone-home" mechanism that enables stealth, bot-related malware to steal identities or data and commit illegal or malicious actions within and outside the network.
  • Anti-Circumvention and Anonymous Browsing Protection -- Prevent attempts by employees to work around Web security rules by using circumvention tools, proxies or anonymizer websites.

Additionally, EdgeWave protects organizations against email borne threats with its EdgeWave ePrism™ Email Security solution, providing unrivalled email defense against internal and external threats such as spam, viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, identity theft, and other suspicious content.

1 -- Source: Verizon's 2016 Data Breach Incident Report.

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