SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Jan 24, 2017) - TimefireVR Inc. (OTCQB: TFVR) (the "Company"), a software development company focused on virtual reality content, today announced entering into an exclusive strategic alliance with SHEnetics, a cloud based Artificial Intelligence ('AI') platform, allowing TimefireVR to offer the users of their VR products the capability to utilize intelligent conversational voice technology for exploration and information acquisition while remaining immersed in VR.

Jeffrey Rassas, Co-founder & Chief Strategic Officer of TimefireVR, stated, "This agreement represents a cornerstone on which the virtual city of Hypatia is being constructed, one that will enforce our pillars of promoting social interaction, commerce, cultural immersion, entertainment and education. We look forward to the continued growth of SHEnetics' conversational interface and AI platform in helping TimefireVR build a world-class experiential learning environment. The idea of offering a child their very own docent to answer the questions that arise out of the spontaneity of curiosity is a dream come true for where we will take VR."

The Company recognized early on in the development of their VR title that the end-user would not have easy access to a keyboard or the ability to perform a search. SHEnetics was brought to TimefireVR's attention and it became apparent that SHEnetics would have to be an integral part of its VR offering.

"Having the opportunity to ask random objects such as paintings, buildings, plants, animals, and just about anything else what they are or what their history is will give the users of Hypatia the ability to learn about virtually anything that is present in our city," commented TimefireVR President and Founder John Wise. "Not only will our visitors be able to inquire about the story behind the Mona Lisa, but SHEnetics' AI platform will, upon completion of this development project, enable us to power personal assistants who will query the internet to deliver the kind of information people have come to expect when searching with a web browser or their smart phone."

"We are thrilled to partner with the TimefireVR team to power their virtual city of Hypatia using our intelligent conversational platform," said Dean Weber, President of SHEnetics, Inc. "Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of our everyday lives and voice interaction will become the primary user interface for the Internet of Everything. By combining our intelligent conversational platform within a VR world, users can now interact with any object they see or touch. TimefireVR's Hypatia provides an amazing world of learning, interaction and exploration and we are proud to be a part of their offering and to work closely with their team."

Mr. Rassas in closing added, "Imagine the day where instead of reading about the mitochondria or the process of photosynthesis, someone can simply ask the question out loud to a cell or plant, 'Tell me how you work and what you are?' Then and there they are allowed to learn at their own speed and on their own terms. This is the kind of magic we would like our visitors to discover in the city of Hypatia."

About SHEnetics, Inc.
SHEnetics is a leader in conversational interfaces for the Internet of Everything. SHEnetics is an artificial intelligence open platform that enables companies to add intelligent conversational interfaces to their products, providing full control over the user experience, product performance and data analytics. SHEnetics enables you to own your interface, own your customers and own your data. Learn more about SHEnetics at

About TimefireVR Inc.
TimefireVR Inc., is an Arizona based Technology Company established mid-2014 to develop virtual reality content, tools, and services. Their first product is a massive and collaborative open world titled Hypatia, an online truly social destination featuring commerce, entertainment, and a safe and welcoming environment to explore educational opportunities. Based on architectural influences ranging from Amsterdam and Barcelona to Wuzhen, China, Sana, Yemen and the remote village of Tiebele in Burkino Faso, TimefireVR's platform will provide a rich, multi-cultural, creative and participative world where the reward is immersed in experiential learning and global friendships. Hypatia will have a limited alpha release in early 2017 with expectations of becoming a VR destination leader. A trailer can be seen at

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