WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 24, 2017) - Today Conjur, a trust management platform for the cloud, has announced a partnership with Shadow-Soft, a solution integrator specializing in DevOps, cloud migrations and security. Shadow-Soft will provide and integrate Conjur's trust management software solution for existing clients and new customers to add stronger, more scalable security capabilities as they migrate to the cloud.

As DevOps and cloud infrastructure deployments mature, the applications they host become more important and the threats facing their security become more acute. Shadow-Soft saw a need among companies facing these challenges to employ a more robust approach to identity and access rights for the building blocks of their cloud infrastructure like VMs, AMIs and containers. Conjur will now address this key requirement for new and existing Shadow-Soft customers.

"Working with Conjur allows us to offer a solution our customers increasingly need," said James Chinn, CEO of Shadow-Soft. "Like Conjur, we are committed to helping companies securely embrace the cloud and effectively manage their infrastructure once they get there. This partnership allows us to bring Conjur's trust management platform and the security it offers to our customers, enabling them to deploy important applications in the cloud with confidence."

"Shadow-Soft is an ideal partner for Conjur because of their cloud focus, commitment to innovation and security savviness," said Elizabeth Lawler, CEO and co-founder of Conjur. "Shadow-Soft's clients are moving rapidly along the cloud adoption maturity curve. As they deploy critical applications in the cloud, they need to manage secrets at scale, integrate security across their new tool chains, and leverage existing trust systems. Our trust management software is uniquely able to allow them to do all these things, and Shadow-Soft is perfectly positioned to leverage Conjur to help clients move forward securely with their cloud initiatives."

About Conjur
Conjur delivers a trust management software platform that enables organizations to balance their goal of adopting cloud computing with their need to ensure security. Conjur automates machine identity provisioning, authorization of privileged access, service account control, and machine-to-machine connectivity in a way that meets the needs of all DevSecOps stakeholders. Companies adopting dynamic, cloud-centric IT infrastructure across industries, including financial services, communications, media and software development, consider Conjur an essential component of their security strategy. Conjur is headquartered in Waltham, Mass., and is backed by Amplify Ventures, Avalon Partners and Koa Labs. For more information, please visit www.conjur.com or follow @conjurinc on Twitter.

About Shadow-Soft
Shadow-Soft is an award-winning, Open Source integrator, committed to solving critical business challenges using open technologies. For nearly a decade we've been the leader in DevOps, Middleware, Cloud, Big Data and Security solutions. Our expert consulting and managed services teams specialize in migrating legacy applications, modernizing and optimizing infrastructure, deploying Agile & DevOps methodologies through orchestration & automation, and maintaining these environments on public or private clouds. We are headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Reston, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina. For more information, please visit www.shadow-soft.com or follow @ShadowSoftNews on Twitter.