SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - January 25, 2017) - EmployeeChannel, Inc., a leading provider of mobile apps for employee engagement and communication today announced that it has secured $5M in Series A funding in a round led by Bill Ericson of Mohr Davidow Ventures and Gordon Ritter of Emergence Capital Partners.

EmployeeChannel comprises the former product team and investors of Navera, Inc., a company historically focused on employee benefits communication. Building upon its experience in enterprise HR technology solutions, the EmployeeChannel product team launched a new business initiative in stealth mode in Fall 2015, to build a best-in-class mobile app that would provide a dedicated channel for organizations to engage and communicate with employees. The EmployeeChannel team released its first product in April 2016.

In response to early market feedback as well as feedback from early adopters, EmployeeChannel has continued its product development and will use new funds to fuel the expansion of its enterprise sales and marketing teams.

"Our due diligence revealed a compelling need for organizations to move beyond older communication channels, such as email and intranets, as well as the new, popular employee-to-employee focused group chat, to a dedicated channel for organization-to-employee communication," stated Bill Ericson, General Partner at MDV and founding partner of Wildcat Venture Partners. "Our network of industry contacts confirmed the need for a channel that could cut through the clutter of bloated inboxes and multiple chat sessions and allow an organization to speak directly to its employees. One of the more exciting aspects of the EmployeeChannel solution is that it provides a way for organizations to have virtual, real-time, and personalized conversations with its employees -- anytime, anywhere."

"We're delighted to have the continued support of Bill Ericson of MDV and Gordon Ritter of Emergence Capital," stated Steve L. Adams, EmployeeChannel CEO. "When we began our new business initiative in 2015, HR and Internal Communications executives confirmed that employee communication is a top priority and that they are not satisfied with current channels of communication. With the unwavering support of MDV and Emergence Capital, we've been able to aggressively address this customer need and to deliver a mobile solution that re-imagines the way organizations engage and communicate with their employees."

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EmployeeChannel is a leading provider of award-winning mobile apps for employee engagement and communication, enabling HR and Internal Communications teams to boost the impact and effectiveness of employee communication, to create a positive employee experience, and to drive cultural and business outcomes. The EmployeeChannel app extends the knowledge and reach of organizational experts to employees anytime, anywhere and is dedicated to the interactions between an organization and its employees. Employees can find and receive organizational information easier and faster, get personalized responses to requests, and react quickly to time-sensitive events. HR and Internal Communications teams can respond real-time to organizational imperatives and employee needs using behavioral insights from Voice of the Employee analytics. To learn more about the EmployeeChannel app and how it can be used to engage and communicate with employees, please visit

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