BOSTON, Jan. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Published today, December indexes from Fiksu DSP, the data-fueled mobile marketing technology company, revealed decreased costs month over month, continued maturation of the real-time bidding market and a strategy shift amongst marketers to evenly distribute their ad spending throughout the year. Data also shows that new device releases, such as the iPhone 7, are primed to make more of an impact than the traditional seasonal ad buying cycles moving forward.

In December, media costs declined across both iOS and Android, running contrary to the seasonal fluctuations that mobile marketers have grown to expect:

  • CPM (cost per thousand) is at $3.06 on Android and $4.15 on iOS
  • On iOS, CPP (cost per purchaser) is down 23 percent and CPM fell 31 percent since November
  • CPP on Android is now on par with CPP on iOS, despite its cumulative growth year-over-year

The missing holiday spike often seen in December can be attributed to ad spend being more strategically allocated evenly throughout the year, as well as to the surge in usage over the holidays generating more ad inventory supply.

“Marketers are increasingly using this tactic of more evenly distributing spend over the year rather than fluctuating as much month-to-month, which has resulted in the flattening in holiday mobile competition,” said Tom Cummings, vice president, new market strategy at Fiksu DSP. “Looking at 2016, it’s clear marketers are now recognizing the consistent, year-round value of mobile targeting. We’re also seeing more brands run more diversified campaigns, rather than being hyper-focused on one metric like installs.”

Data from Fiksu’s iOS trackers coupled with these monthly indexes indicate that this year’s launch of the iPhone 7 made more of an impact on ad spend than the holidays. For iOS advertisers, September and October saw more noteworthy periods of growth on spend as a response to the launch of the iPhone 7 than the holidays. With marketers becoming increasingly more mature in how they distribute their ad spend throughout the year, we expect to see more surges surrounding new phone launches in the coming years.

“The fall in CPP and CPM this month suggests that iPhone launches provide one of the most impactful opportunities for iOS marketers to maximize return on mobile ad spend, even more so than the holiday season,” said Cummings.

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