EDISON, N.J., Jan. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TechDemocracy, LLC, a global cyber risk assurance solutions provider, today announced the availability of the Intellicta platform to help boards of directors and senior management teams bridge the visibility gaps across their compliance, security, risk, and governance functions. The platform, informed by a standards-based framework and risk assurance center, analyzes in-depth the effectiveness of existing cyber risk and compliance solutions and offers a consolidated view of enterprise risk posture.

Companies today face significant hurdles implementing end-to-end risk assurance programs due to the breadth of platforms in the enterprise and the diverse and complex nature of their cybersecurity and compliance assessment technologies. Tools are not measured against a consistent set of industry standards, creating an inability to bring uniformity and objectivity to situational awareness or take account of all current and future business requirements.

“Our DNA is rooted in cyber advisory and managed services, and particularly in identity and access management. Building on that core, we made an investment to fill a gap that we see worldwide—the need for a management platform that enables senior executives to evaluate, measure and govern the overall risk and compliance situation of the enterprise,” said Srikiran Patibandla, CEO of TechDemocracy.

In a single dashboard, the Intellicta platform presents situational awareness for the overall cyber risk across the enterprise, including a quantified risk score and financial exposure.

“CISOs have been working hand in hand with other business functions to implement cybersecurity solutions, but for those accountable to boards of directors for governance — CROs, CIOs, CEOs and CFOs — what has been missing until now is a way to evaluate their performances collectively against the business objectives and to create one common picture of their risk situation,” said Gautam Dev, global managing principal, TechDemocracy. “Intellicta enables senior decision makers to assess and clearly communicate where the enterprise stands versus industry best practices and standards, pinpoint inefficiencies, prioritize risk investments and continually track progress.”

From the practitioner’s standpoint, Ken Pfeil, himself a former CISO and now chief architect for TechDemocracy, said, “Even in large organizations, I found it particularly challenging to obtain a holistic view of the risk posture, because I was limited to piecemeal assessments coming from the tools I was using to protect the enterprise. That approach not only lacks objectivity, it fails to show the gaps that exist in protection. We’ve created a platform that breaks down those limitations and puts companies on a path to intelligent risk assurance.”

How the Intellicta Platform Works
The Intellicta platform is open and easily customized to meet an organization’s unique business requirements. Intellicta can integrate many leading enterprise-class IT security technologies right out of the box and start assessing their effectiveness immediately. As organizations decide on new security and risk tools to put investment towards meeting emerging needs, these can also be added to evaluate and confirm they are delivering the expected improvements to the overall cyber risk posture.

Intellicta’s platform framework incorporates a spectrum of regulatory requirements and security standards including NIST, ISO, HIPAA, SOX, IRA and others necessary for organizations to create a risk-based assurance program. This offers the capability to continually map and monitor industry best practices against the breadth of cyber risk and compliance tools in their unique environment.

The platform’s risk assurance center is supported by an open architecture, so every facet of an enterprise’s unique ecosystem can be integrated and continuously monitored. The center aggregates data from the existing infrastructure and IT security tools, automatically correlating and analyzing the ingested data for measurement across any standard or regulatory requirement, as well as the company’s own security and governance policies.

The resulting insights and holistic view of risk posture presented in the center’s dashboard interface help organizations’ senior business leaders quantify their risk assurance program across a comprehensive framework constituting a business’s hierarchy of risk needs and preparedness. The platform maps each element of the framework to indexes, producing scores measuring the risk posture’s strength and maturity in real time. Scoring is based on the COBIT framework for IT governance and control adopted by industries around the globe.

“The cybersecurity risks organizations face are forcing them to invest significantly in cybersecurity technology, but what is missing is a platform to evaluate their overall preparedness and governed situational awareness,” said Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst, KuppingerCole, an international and independent analyst organization headquartered in Europe.

KuppingerCole has published an executive review of the Intellicta platform in a new whitepaper available on Techdemocracy.com.  In the review, Matthias Reinwarth, senior analyst, KuppingerCole, said, “TechDemocracy is creating a highly ambitious and innovative software category. Its underlying conceptual framework will be a welcome addition to the marketplace, especially for larger enterprises with the need to correlate existing compliance and risk information into a flexible, unified and powerful risk assurance model.”

For more information about the Intellicta platform, please visit www.techdemocracy.com.

About TechDemocracy, LLC
TechDemocracy is a global cyber risk assurance solutions provider with DNA rooted in cyber advisory, managed and implementation services. The company’s framework-driven, solution-agnostic approach helps companies operationalize qualitative risk assurance programs unique to their business requirements.

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