CHARLOTTE, NC and CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Jan 31, 2017) - KALEAO, an intellectual property and server solutions company, announced today that it has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with ILA-microservers, as a value add distributer located in The Netherlands specializing in delivering server solutions and technical services to parts of the European region. ILA-microservers is KALEAO's first formal technology partner outside of the United States and will evangelize, promote and sell KALEAO's KMAX in the Netherlands, Germany, France, England and Ireland.

"We strongly believe in the platform that KALEAO is rolling out to the market and the team leading KALEAO," commented Fred Buining, CEO and Managing Director, ILA-microservers. "With such a partner, we will be able to enter into a growing sector with disruptive technology that will allow us to affirm ILA-microservers as one of the main distributors and technical services providers in the region."

KALEAO's KMAX was launched in October 2016 and removes the typical performance overhead when layering applications over a virtualized, hyperconverged platform, enabling appliance simplicity and the flexibility of a software-defined solution. Leveraging all-flash storage for higher performance densities and energy savings and the cost advantages of ARM 64-bit hardware, KMAX is capable of achieving significant improvements in efficiency and scalability.

"This partnership is a recognition of the power of KALEAO's technological solution, KMAX, in the server appliance market," said Greg Nicoloso, General Manager and Business Development Officer, KALEAO. "KALEAO will continue to stay focused on providing companies with the best and most technologically advanced server platforms and this partnership is proof that our efforts and vision are in line with the market's evolution."

KALEAO is spearheading the new generation of enterprise and cloud computing by natively converging computation, storage, networking and virtualization into compact, energy efficient, transparent, integrated hardware and software solutions. Its flagship product, KMAX, offers true converged infrastructure in an extremely compact, scalable and low power platform. KMAX provides all of the benefits of hyperconvergence with advanced software defined hardware and integrated appliance level web-scale application delivery and management platform. KMAX delivers more for less, enabling the effortless deployment and management of the services required across the cloud and modern business. Find out more about KMAX and KALEAO at

About ILA-microservers:
ILA-microservers is based in the Netherlands and is a manufacturer and distributor of microservers to data centers, SMART industry and business.

In the data center, microserver technology can handle certain "parallelizable" tasks more efficiently than traditional servers and blades -- resulting in better performance, wattage and efficiency gains in energy, reduced labour costs and more data center space. ILA partners with leading companies to provide state of the art server solutions.

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