LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Jan. 31, 2017) - Among the many changes that have befallen the banking sector in recent years, perhaps the most disruptive have arisen from technological advancements. Despite a new plethora of opportunity that digital banking boasts, many institutions have chosen to stick to their traditional trajectories, unwilling or unable to embrace a new era in banking - to their detriment.

On the other hand, those that have embraced technology have expanded, evolved and found ingenious ways to interact with their customers, whatever their changing needs happen to be. One such example is Gulf Bank, the winner of not one, but two World Finance Awards 2016, Best Digital Bank and Best Mobile Banking App in Kuwait.

With both titles under its belt, it is evident that Gulf Bank is a trailblazer for digital banking, not only in Kuwait, but for the entire region as well. With a natural affinity for technology, Gulf Bank's digital banking services are both intuitive and all encompassing, thereby setting a new standard in customer accessibility.

Likewise, Gulf Bank's mobile banking features are ushering in a new frontier, making the process more secure, while simultaneously easier than ever before. The institution has achieved this feat through its fingerprint and facial recognition software; as its website reads, "Your facial features and fingerprint are your account's password!" And to make a transfer, all customers need to do are three simple steps: Smile. Blink. Transfer.

Customers can thus bank from their mobiles wherever they happen to be, with the comfort of knowing that doing so is safe. Indeed, biometric authentication is just one of the technically advanced tools that Gulf Bank uses to improve the service it offers to its customers, making it an ideal winner for the 2016 Best Digital Bank and Best Mobile Banking App Awards.

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