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Bottega and DevCamp Merge to Open Flagship Campus


LEHI, Utah, Feb. 1, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bottega and DevCamp, two cutting edge web development schools, merged and opened a flagship campus in Lehi, Utah. This partnership provides a powerhouse resource to the dev community and an advanced education space for future coders.

Classes are underway and the registration is open for both online and in-person students. Applications available here: www.bottega.tech

"The merger of Bottega and DevCamp establishes a premier dev bootcamp at the heart of Silicon Slopes with a true path to mastery through ongoing education," said Eric Wold, Bottega CEO. "Jordan Hudgens, DevCamp CEO, has been a leading online educator in the Ruby on Rails community for years with amazing content that more than 20,000 online learners have taken advantage of. This was a chance to show what can happen when an experienced and accredited curriculum company gets together with the best content and makes something new and transformative for the people we are trying to impact in a positive way."
While there are many software bootcamps nationwide with different curriculums and immersive full-time delivery models, Bottega is one of just four that also offers a full-time online immersive model and a separate "go at your own pace" part-time program that anyone can do without needing to quit their current job. This merger brings Jordan Hudgens into Bottega and leverages his incredible intellectual property and development skills for the benefit of the students. "Bottega has a superior model that will enable me to impact more students, while allowing me to focus on the student experience and measuring results. That's exciting to me." says Jordan.
The Bottega full-time bootcamp is a 12-week course of intensive training and an engaging option for anyone looking to get into the world of development quickly. Bottega also provides a part-time curriculum for students looking for a more laid-back option to study at their own pace. Both courses are offered online or in-person at Bottega's Lehi, Utah campus, and will soon be offered in Scottsdale, Arizona as well.
"Bottega aims to create a place where motivated people can have the resources necessary to reach their potential," said Cy Tidwell, advisory board member, Bottega. "Ultimately, our goal is to put the most valuable tools in the hands of our students in the shortest amount of time."
Additional Resources:

Bottega FAQs: http://www.bottega.tech/faq

DevCamp Website: http://learningdevcamp.com/ 
About Bottega:

Bottega found its start from an active web development company. Years of experience hiring students from other bootcamps and universities presented valuable insight into the attributes of valuable developers. This allowed Bottega to create a curriculum that would better enable developers to have the versatile skills needed to stand out in the hiring process.  


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