DarkLight Announces Strategic Alliance with Agile Defense, Inc.

Enables Integration of Next-Generation Security Analytics Platform to Arsenal of Proven IT Capabilities

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DarkLight®, a next-generation cybersecurity analytics and automation platform, today announced a strategic alliance with Agile Defense, Inc., a leading Information Technology (IT) Solutions provider, to deliver and support the integration of technology to Federal and Civilian clients in the United States. The collaboration enables Agile Defense to bolt-on DarkLight’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to their existing cybersecurity offerings, force multiplying the talent already deployed in a client’s security operations center (SOC).

Driven by the significant cyber analyst shortage, coupled with the staggering volume of cyber attacks, and the length of time it takes to train analysts, DarkLight augments the deductive and investigative skills of human analysts, capturing the expertise specific to the needs of their enterprise. Federal government agencies and departments can now acquire and deploy DarkLight’s cutting edge AI cyber analytics through Agile Defense, a capable partner with experience delivering complex projects across a broad range of Cyber, Enterprise Infrastructure & Systems Integration, Cloud Services and C4ISR. 

“DarkLight makes it possible for our clients to do more with fewer cyber-analysts,” said Jay Lee, President and CEO at Agile Defense. “By automating manual processes, high-value analysts can be better utilized to hunt the extremely difficult and most dangerous 1% of threats. We’re extremely pleased to partner with DarkLight to deliver such a significant improvement in security operations and cyber-defense.”

“DarkLight encodes enterprise knowledge of expert analysts, reducing the time it takes to improve the skills of junior analysts and train those new to your organizations,” said John Shearer, Co-Founder and CEO at DarkLight. “By combining DarkLight’s innovative technology with Agile Defense, the alliance aims to replicate and distribute a new, revolutionary way to solve the workforce shortage problem.”

Security analytics are needed to magnify existing cyber talent. DarkLight’s artificial intelligence based platform represents a new era of human-quality data analytics. The scarcity and high-turnover of seasoned analysts currently plaguing the industry has fueled DarkLight’s mission to retain the best practices and techniques of the most senior analysts to speed up the onboarding process, without losing knowledge already gained. DarkLight represents a fundamentally new approach to capturing and automating cybersecurity knowledge of the workforce so the veteran analyst’s expertise is not lost when they leave the enterprise. Training time for new and junior analysts can be shortened from the typical eighteen-month training period by learning from the explainable AI encoded in DarkLight based on the experience and knowledge of more senior analysts.

For more information on the benefits and uses of DarkLight, please visit: https://www.darklightcyber.com

About Agile Defense, Inc.
Agile Defense, based in Reston, VA, provides information technology (IT) services to a number of U.S. Federal Government clients across Civilian agencies and various branches within the Department of Defense.  Agile Defense has been recognized as a Washington Technology Magazine Fast 50 Government Contractor and as a Entrepreneur Magazine Hot 500 Small Businesses.  To learn more about Agile Defense, please visit www.agile-defense.com.

About Champion Technology Company’s DarkLight 
DarkLight® is a next-generation cybersecurity analytic and automation platform. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), this groundbreaking solution is a force multiplier which leverages the logic, knowledge, and reasoning of security analysts to deliver human-quality results, at scale.  To learn more about the benefits and uses of DarkLight, please visit www.darklightcyber.com.


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