DUNEDIN, FL--(Marketwired - Feb 1, 2017) - The community, along with her sisters Nafie and Sevdie Lika, is hosting a raffle drawing on March 24, 2017, in Dunedin, Florida, at Sea Sea Riders restaurant on behalf of Mel Lika.

Good friend Joseph A. Camerieri says, "Mel came to my aid. It was like perfect timing, a huge blessing." He is now returning the favor to Mel by putting in much needed time to help her cause. "I am doing some handyman work around her house, keeping her spirits up, taking her to church and creating a Facebook page."

With her parents, she moved to the States as a baby. Years later she had no inkling she would one day find herself fighting for the United States and its allies against foreign terrorism. Whether it was in the Balkans gathering evidence of war crimes or at her last position a few years ago, working in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Mel was extremely serious when vetting locals in an attempt to weed out insurgents from working for U.S. Marines or other jobs on U.S. military bases; her call sign was 'Victor.' Today, she has many amazing stories to tell of all those experiences on foreign soil from Kosovo to Afghanistan. She can share some border-line confidential stories involving interrogations, locations, etc. Although her job was to find the Taliban then, now her story takes an unexpected turn.

In May of 2014 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer -- stage four. Immediately Mel went to work trying to heal her body. Friends explain that Mel is a very resourceful, intelligent woman and passionate about health, for everyone. She conducts detailed research regarding treatments -- both alternative and conventional -- that have proven successful.

On top of receiving news about her cancer, Mel experienced some other life trials recently, both financially and with her health. A little over two years later, the cancer made an aggressive return. The task of raising money for vital medical expenses must come from contributors who have the heart and means to help her cause. The community is hosting a raffle drawing on March 24, 2017, in Dunedin, Florida, at Sea Sea Riders restaurant. Donations can be made through our GoFundMe page.


Contact Information:

Joseph A. Camerieri

(727)741-3759 Mobile