NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 2, 2017) - IgnitionOne, a global marketing technology and services leader, and Netmining, leading provider of programmatic data-driven targeting solutions, announce their global partnership with European-born ad verification and analytics provider Adloox, to provide detailed analytics across fraud, viewability and brand safety for IgnitionOne and Netmining clients. The new partnership will include Adloox's Pre-bid Fraud and Brand Safety solution as well as their suite of analytics and reporting tools. The partnership will include U.S., LatAm, Europe and Asian markets. Servicing the call by brands and agencies alike for greater assurances and transparency on matters of brand safety, the partnership ensures that all IgnitionOne and Netmining clients are receiving the best possible protection against fraud and brand unsafe content as well as an opportunity and guidance on how to optimize campaigns for top performance and ROI.

IgnitionOne and Netmining have been piloting the Adloox solution over the past year, assessing the quality of its fraud data analytics, relative to other providers. It ranked high on its detection of ad fraud and hidden traffic inefficiencies, also allowing the company to glean behavior and patterns of NHT traffic and user-level malpractice at an extremely granular level. By activating Adloox's pre-bid fraud and brand-safety solution, IgnitionOne achieved a radical uplift in their campaign buying performance (and a huge rise in viewability rates) across suppliers that had previously plateaued around the 45-50% US market average. ROI went up, fraud rates went down, and fast.

Offering for the first time a real-time view on user viewability, brand safety and fraud, it is a partnership built on core, transparent values. "It's extremely important for us as a business to evolve the way we handle and combat all things fraud faster than players in that space evolve. We wanted something more insightful, more data-driven and more intelligent for our clients," says Joseph Lavan, VP of Data & Insights for both IgnitionOne and Netmining. "Adloox allows us to do just that at global scale -- and the results speak for themselves."

"IgnitionOne and Netmining -- the way they engage and service their agency and brand clients -- are a successful example of how to get programmatic right," says Adloox CEO Marco Ricci. "They act and react to our data, baking our auditing index of every user and every bid request into their bidder algorithms. Pre-emptive exclusion of bad user traffic rather than just top-line website monitoring is smarter, more transparent, and it works. I hope more US companies both buy- and sell-side, follow their maverick lead in 2017."

About IgnitionOne
IgnitionOne simplifies life for marketers, allowing brands to more effectively engage with customers and make the most out of every marketing dollar through expert services and innovative technology. Our score-powered audiences and optimization drive deep insights, so marketers can reach customers across the most relevant channels with personalized, 1:1 messaging.

With a global footprint of over 450 employees in 10 countries, IgnitionOne is one of the largest independent marketing technology companies in the world, currently scoring over 300 million users monthly in 75 countries and powering more than $60 billion in revenue each year for leading brands, including General Motors, CenturyLink, Bridgestone, La Quinta and Acer, as well as advertising agencies such as 360i, GroupM and Zenith Optimedia.

For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @ignitionone.

About Netmining
Netmining provides intelligent audience targeting, powered by data and shaped by the best analytical minds in the business. We believe your marketing should be driven by human insights using data as a tool, not the other way around. This approach creates a deeper understanding of your brand. With the challenge of fragmented consumer media habits, Netmining's cross-device targeting and attribution allows marketers to find their high-value consumers wherever they are across all screens of engagement.The result is your most important audience, delivered. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @netmining. Netmining is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

About Adloox
Adloox is the only Audit Verification company. Created in 2009, Adloox offers the deepest Brand Safety, Fraud and Viewability data analysis in the digital market today. Adloox has developed its own Auditing Index, allowing both Buy and Sell side partners to detect inefficient traffic at a much deeper (user-centric) level. Clients use Adloox to optimise their campaign efficiency on the fly, and detect the most granular domain/traffic level inefficiencies in both Pre and Post Bid. Adloox is able to detect and remove all GIVT and SIVT categories of NHT Ad fraud, across all devices including Mobile in-app. With Offices in New York, London, and Paris, and Clients across Europe, the US, Latin America, Africa and Apac, Adloox track and verify billions of impressions for their clients, through its core foundations in innovative technology and premium service.

Contact Information:

Kendall Allen
For IgnitionOne and Netmining

Marco Ricci
For Adloox