OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - Feb 2, 2017) - Corsa Technology, the leader in performance SDN switching, today launched its new "Red Armor" NSE7000 Network Security Enforcement engine that delivers scalable 100G DDoS protection at a considerable cost savings. This high-performance enforcement engine installs into existing DDoS architectures in 10 minutes and interoperates with existing DDoS detection technology providing the necessary 100G line rate enforcement as a bump in the wire.

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"As heterogeneous and high-volume networks continue to grow so do the DDoS attacks. The need for high-performance detection and enforcement for 100G attacks has never been more important," said Petr Springl, Director of Products and Strategic Alliances at Flowmon Networks. "By leveraging tools like Flowmon and Corsa Red Armor, organizations can integrate powerful DDoS monitoring and enforcement within minutes to shut down these high volume attacks."

Service providers, including Content Distribution Networks (CDN) and Internet Service Providers (ISP) are rapidly building 100G connections to meet customer and business needs. Meanwhile, IoT has become real, enabling high-bandwidth DDoS attacks to explode. Protecting the network has become even more critical but finding the right mitigation solution is difficult. Current solutions have not kept pace with the threat landscape, and the scope of the attacks has made enforcement the key limiting factor in stopping large-scale DDoS attacks.

"Over the past few years, the scale of DDoS attacks has become steadily larger. It looks like 2017 will see this scale increase even more rapidly with the abundance of unsecure IoT devices and the fact that large-scale attacks have become simpler to execute. The consequence may be that CDNs and local mitigations may not be able to scale readily to mitigate the impact of concurrent large-scale attacks, requiring a new approach to tackling DDoS attacks," commented Duncan Stewart, Director of TMT Research at Deloitte.

About Red Armor NSE7000
For large-scale networks where multiple 10G and 100G ports are at play, Red Armor NSE7000 DDoS enforcement shuts down escalating DDoS attacks that include high-rate volumetric and network protocol attacks. The NSE7000 is a 1RU 450W enforcement engine that performs fine-grained in-line traffic classification and filtering on L3/L4 frames at 150Mpps per 100Gbps of throughput. The NSE7000 uses BGP Flowspec (RFC5575) rules or REST calls to deny or rate-limit traffic destined for the gateway router. It enforces IP src/dst, TCP/UDP src/dst, TCP flags, fragmentation bits and packet length. In addition, it can rate-limit every rule to help when there is uncertainty whether an attack is legitimate or a false positive.

"Applying Corsa's DNA of simple, high-performance forwarding engines into our new network security enforcement solution is a ground-breaking move," said Bruce Gregory, CEO of Corsa. "Service Providers and network security architects can leverage Red Armor to deliver affordable and scalable enforcement against any size attack, from any number of sources, all at line-rate. We are pleased to be working with our Early Access Customers as they pave the way forward in evolving network security architectures."

Corsa Red Armor is now available globally.

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