SAN CLEMENTE, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 3, 2017) - Image Protect Inc. (OTC: IMTL)

The company is reporting, the total number of uploaded images to its copyright/Infringement software have exceeded five million. To follow that number, the company is reporting, the number of actual "sightings" for Infringements have exceeded 1.7 million. This now tracks to the company's revenue model, and the company is beginning to build data for its early stage "Earnings Guidance" for 2017.

Since inception, the company has been able to track its revenue directly to Images tracked, Infringements sighted, recovery revenue for its clients and ultimately to the company's top line revenue. The company has historically used a percentage of these key numbers that have proven accuracy for coming quarters. The life cycle of upload, identify, review, pursue infringement settlement, has become algorithmic to building its projections of revenue.

The company feels confident the 2017 revenue should fall between $3,500,000 and $5,000,000 in top line revenue based on current key markers now in the copyright recovery software system. The projection comes based off its three-year history of performance and analysis of the certain key markers. Company Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Thomas, stated, "From our earliest beta testing stage, right through to the software upgrades we've experienced the percentages have always proved out with certain key markers." He further stated, "so, I'm comfortable with the soft early 2017 guidance given at this point, and expect a firmer guidance given after we complete the second."

About the Company
Image Protect protects and monetizes creative works. By uniting technology with a team of copyright experts, we ensure that content providers preserve the value of their digital assets. Our web application monitors the global Internet to seek and collect evidence for illegally used visual content. Then our legal partners in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania ensure that our clients receive appropriate compensation, recovering settlement fees when their work has been used without a valid license.

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