ANAHEIM, Calif., Feb. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greengro Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK:GRNH) a world-class provider of eco-friendly green technologies, announced today that as the demand for industrial cutting-edge growing solutions continues to strengthen, Greengro steps forward with a PV solar glass greenhouse precisely designed to facilitate the industrial cannabis grower’s cultivation and harvesting requirements.

Greengro subsidiary Vertical HydroGarden, Inc. is a premier retailer of year-round hydroponic supplies. Vertical HydroGarden is the industry leader in modular, automated hydroponic grow rooms, portable grow-containers, glass greenhouses, hydroponic and aquaponics supplies and cultivation consulting services.

Designed to furnish high capacity growers with top-of-the-line, fully automated hydroponic technology for commercial-level cannabis production, this greenhouse is specifically designed to make the most profitable use of functional space for growers producing within the 22,000-sq.-ft. parameter, while also providing precision temperature, humidity and light control to ensure the production of the highest quality food grade product.

“This Vertical Hydrogarden Glass Greenhouse is expected to become one of our most highly regarded structures,” stated James Haas, CEO of Greengro Technologies, Inc.  “The multi-level vertical hydroponics system allows growers to produce three times as much product as does a single level operation using the same area within the structure. By maximizing the practical use of space, the highest amount of profitability becomes an achievable goal. We intend to always be on the forefront providing environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for growing cannabis in this ever-evolving industry.”

California Assembly Bill 243 is focused on the effects of cultivating cannabis.  AB 243 provides $10 million to fund the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (BMMR).  Of the three primary licensing categories, Greengro’s 22,000 sq. ft. fully automated turnkey PV solar glass greenhouse is designed to serve Type 3A and Type 3B licensees, facilitating indoor cultivation using industry leading mixed sunlight and artificial lighting technology for cultivation.  Combinations of natural and supplemental artificial lighting help maximize energy efficiency and yield.

The hydroponic PV solar glass greenhouse system facilitates a 12 week grow cycle and enables growers to bolster plant yields through the use resourcefully designed multi-level vertical racks. Each cycle begins with one week of germination, followed by four weeks in the vegetative stage, and 8-9 weeks in the flowering stage. The multi-stage arrangement enables maximum output per square foot by efficiently spacing plants as they mature. This setup makes possible highly effective operating logistics, raising the bar in the industry for quality, yield and energy use.  The specifications of this resourceful commercial-grade system can be found at

About Greengro Technologies: Greengro Technologies (OTC PINK: GRNH) is a world class provider of eco-friendly green technologies with specific domain expertise in indoor and outdoor agricultural science systems serving both the consumer and commercial farming markets. It brings together community and commerce through the growth and distribution of healthy, nutritious foods and vital medicines backed by science and technology. Customers include restaurants, community gardens, small and large scale commercial clients. Greengro Technologies also provides design, construction and maintenance services to large grow and cultivation operations and collectives in the medical and recreational marijuana sectors.

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