LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Feb 7, 2017) - StereoVision Entertainment Inc., a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTC PINK: SVSN), announced today that their majority owned Nevada C corporation Inspirational Vision Media Inc. has acquired the "Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem" IP holding company TDOJ LLC.

"The Faith Based and family film market is taking off," said Inspirational Vision Media CEO Steve Previch. "Big budget star laden productions are not living up to the hype. We're very excited to have acquired the family feature film property, 'Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem.' The incredibly talented team of award winning major motion picture veterans attached assures even with the modest budget we will produce a theatrical feature film of the highest quality. TDOJ's screenwriter, Pamela Wallace, won a 'Best Original Screenplay' Academy Award for Harrison Ford's hit feature 'Witness.' TDOJ's Director Harvey Lowry has been Director of Operations on a litany of major motion pictures including 'The Passion of Christ,' 'A Beautiful Mind,' and he led a 'Special Effects' Academy Award winning team on Brad Pitt's 'Benjamin Button.' He has sixteen IMDB Director credits over the last three years. With a span of over 40 years in the Industry, journeyman Producer Aaron Norris and Norris Brothers Entertainment bring hundreds of Industry credits, and contacts, and credibility with them. Norris Brothers Entertainment also owns a studio in Israel so we're ready for any work to be done there with Israel paying incentives of up to 60% of our spend there. Iconic actor and recording artist Pat Boone's contributing as TDOJ's Narrator adds the unique quality of his voice to any narration done, and TDOJ's Israeli Oscar nominated Emmy Award winning Composer, Misha Segal, with his one hundred and fifteen IMDB credits and his group The Forbidden Band ( made up of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish musicians, lives the message of TDOJ every day. Our 9 time Emmy Award winning sister company REZN8 ( and REZN8's founder and Special Projects Director Paul Sidlo will assure we have award winning quality in all of TDOJ's 3D motion graphics and titles. With TDOJ being represented by Hollywood Super-Agent, Mark Lichtman, whose films include Clint Eastwood's Academy Award winning 'Unforgiven,' 'Batman the Dark Knight Returns,' '300,' and many more, he adds another level of major motion picture experience to TDOJ's production team. We're currently working with Mark to attach a star who can sell both domestic and foreign film markets. With the subject matter and a possible worldwide audience of four billion Christian, Muslim, and Jewish people, 'Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem' has the potential of being a strong evergreen earner."

StereoVision ( headquartered in Las Vegas, StereoVision is a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTC PINK: SVSN) focused on creating, acquiring, and producing multimedia content with its media subsidiaries the majority owned Inspirational Vision Media ( the wholly owned 9 time Emmy Award winning 3D animation company REZN8 (, and the majority owned medical cannabis and hemp industries subsidiary the Florida C corporation, CannaVision.

REZN8 ( Founded in 1987, the 9 time Emmy Award winning REZN8 is well known throughout the Industry for developing the media vision for a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients across a wide range of platforms including broadcast, film, Internet, wireless, and video games. REZN8 is an acknowledged leader in broadcast graphics, titles, and 3D animation and is a pioneer in the design and development of graphical user interfaces. (GUI) REZN8 has produced content for NBC, ABC, CBS Sports, Entertainment Tonight, Fox, HBO, VH-1, Syfy Channel, the UFC, and Showtime, among others. For many years REZN8's been a primary outside design source for Microsoft's graphical user interface, (GUI) including Microsoft Home Media Center, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft's Home of the Future, and Microsoft XBOX.

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