E8 Security's Fusion Platform Transforms Security Operations By Answering Questions Security Analysts Didn't Know to Ask

Powered by a Big Data Infrastructure, the E8 Security Fusion Platform Utilizes Machine Learning and Behavioral Analytics to Uncover Unknown Malicious Activity; Reduce Long Investigative Processes

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - February 08, 2017) - E8 Security, an innovator of behavioral intelligence for cybersecurity, is helping to address the growing challenges security operations centers face today. Through advanced behavioral analytics and its big data infrastructure, the E8 Security Fusion Platform takes existing security operations from a reactive function mired in inefficiencies related to manual data correlation, to a proactive means for cyber defenders to detect, hunt, and respond to threats before a successful breach occurs.

The E8 Security Fusion Platform transforms traditional security operations by automating the learning of user and device behaviors to discover malicious activity unknown to security analysts, resulting in improved alert quality and accelerated investigations to make security operations more proactive. Security operations teams are able to reach conclusions quickly by offloading the data mining, analysis, and correlation process, typically done manually, to the Fusion Platform, which provides them with answers to questions they didn't even know to ask.

"The sheer volume of data that needs to be analyzed has exacerbated the daunting workloads already experienced by security operations personnel," said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "35% of enterprise organizations expect to collect, process, and analyze significantly more internal security data over the next 12 to 24 months. There's little doubt that user entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and machine learning capabilities will be baked into security analytics henceforth to help address these issues and alleviate the day-to-day pressures analysts experience."

The Fusion Platform helps security teams recognize what is normal in the network, so they can respond to what is not by leveraging the platform's three core technologies:

  • Entity Fusion: Identifies the "who" behind every alert. The technology brings continuity between usernames, IP addresses and hostnames into a single view. It solves the problem of accurately identifying users who have multiples devices, move between Wi-Fi and wired networks, and change IP addresses throughout their day. Behaviors from all security devices are connected by user and hostname without having to create query rules in various systems or use spreadsheets.
  • Signal Fusion: Connects different events to tell the whole story. The technology combines seemingly isolated log entries and alerts from different technologies to show analysts the complete sequence of events, including why a particular action or set of actions was deemed an anomaly or an outright threat.
  • Data Fusion: Improves visibility and exploration across all security data. The technology places all enterprise security data -- endpoint, user, and network data -- onto the Fusion Platform's big data infrastructure, and at your fingertips ready to explore. Analysts can filter and scrutinize log data from multiple sources, seamlessly pivot to interesting data facets, and leverage the collected data to follow their "threat hunter" intuition without having to switch between different systems.

"The struggle to find the relevant insights and actionable information that guides the day-to-day mission to protect the organization is incredibly challenging," said Ravi Devireddy, CTO and co-founder, E8 Security. "The problem is not just rapid change, it's also the sheer volume of information rushing at security teams from all directions and many sources. The Fusion Platform with its Machine Learning AI technology separates what's relevant or reliable from what's not and helps security operations ask better questions of their data."

For more information on E8 Security's Fusion platform, or to request a demo, visit: http://e8security.com

About E8 Security
E8 Security is transforming security operations by automating the learning of user and device behaviors to discover malicious activity unknown to security analysts, resulting in improved alert quality and accelerated investigations to make security operations more proactive. E8 Security raises the bar, as the first behavioral analytics vendor to make it easier for security teams to quickly identify unknown threat behaviors across endpoints, users and networks. The E8 Security Fusion platform provides a focused view of the network, so that analysts can quickly see hidden threats and know where to spend their time, reducing the investigation time from hours to minutes. In short, E8 Security helps security teams to detect, hunt, and respond by recognizing what is normal in their network so they can quickly respond to what is not. E8 Security is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is funded by Strategic Cyber Ventures, March Capital Partners, Allegis Capital and The Hive. Find out more at www.e8security.com.

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