LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In response to a news report regarding a data breach, PIP, Inc. of Van Nuys, CA today issued the following statement:

“We take the security of our clients' material very seriously.

“We acted quickly to lock down access to our database and further secure our server and encryption.

“We immediately strengthened our security controls. We changed all passwords, took offline all computers that may have been affected, and we brought in forensic IT experts that are in the process of determining what data was involved. We installed new fire walls.”

“We also went beyond recommended security measures by creating closed VPNs for our backup files.”

PIP Printing’s outside counsel Adam D.H. Grant, a partner with Alpert, Barr & Grant, stated, “We are working closely with our client to insure full compliance with California’s breach notification laws, especially given recent material changes to the rules.”

“Our clients are committed to protecting the personal identifiable information contained on our clients' servers. We are currently identifying the scope of who needs to receive notice and how to most effectively reach out to the clients,” Grant said.