MobileSmith 5.0 Launches with Turnkey Mobile Health Applications

Blueprints™ suite of hospital apps that solve tough problems with proven ROI

Raleigh, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MobileSmith, the #1 provider of branded hospital apps, has introduced hospital app Blueprints™ to better connect healthcare providers with their patients and improve outcomes.

Mobile apps can be applied across a variety of healthcare scenarios to increase patient engagement, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. By leveraging the most successful, proven apps MobileSmith has created pre-built templates that can be customized and launched by a healthcare system within weeks.

“We know that connected health is a key issue, but most hospitals are being barraged with a dizzying array of technologies and they don’t know where to start,” said Bob Dieterle, MobileSmith CEO and Founder. “We are providing proven use cases as pre-built apps that are more easily able to connect to back-end services and data that hospitals already have, or can connect to our reference partners ranging from wayfinding to EMR integration solutions. This gives hospitals the ability to think big, start small, and act fast.”

This pinprick-app strategy is key to maximizing the benefits of mobile by directly targeting specific populations and engaging them through the most critical moments of their health journey. The indispensable nature of mobile phones allows for timely notifications based on surgery or due date, medication or diet reminders, progress trackers, symptom checkers, location finders, and streaming wait times.  

MobileSmith’s platform is a HIPAA-secure mobile app platform that top-tier healthcare systems are using to build, test, deploy, and manage collections of prescribed mobile apps for iOS and Android in an agile environment, without any coding. The company’s partnership program expands the solution on the back-end, giving customers the best technology across the industry without complicating the process for patients, providers, or staff.

MobileSmith is the only enterprise-class, no-code app building platform. App builders can create consumer-grade user experiences from scratch or from proven Blueprints™ templates, and input, import, or connect data using industry standard formats. The platform can also leverage reusable native code plugins to integrate legacy enterprise processes, connect to the latest back-end technologies, or to synchronize with omnichannel communication strategies. MobileSmith’s patented process means anybody can design apps from a single canvas, then build and submit native iOS & Android apps simultaneously.
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