VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - February 22, 2017) - Roam Mobility, operated by Otono Networks Inc., today announced that it will be launching a new set of monthly roaming plans for travelers in the USA.

Roam Mobility is the leading independent provider of roaming service for Canadians and offers a variety of roaming replacement plans for travelers in the United States. With Roam Mobility, Canadians can get the highest value USA roaming plan with plenty of 4G LTE data, and don't have to worry about tapping into their Canadian monthly plan's data, which could lead to expensive overage fees later on. Although the service was designed primarily for Canadians and all plans are priced in Canadian dollars, Roam Mobility's plans are available to all international visitors to the USA.

The launch introduces two new Monthly Talk+Text+Data plans, each including unlimited talk, text, and data service plus two different 4G LTE data options. Customers have the choice of either monthly plan with 1GB of 4G LTE for $39.95, or 4GB of 4G LTE for $64.95. Both plans include unlimited 2G speed data once the high-speed data is used up, and are valid for 30 days from the scheduled start time.

"Monthly roaming plans from domestic carriers on average cost Canadians upwards of $80 per month, giving users small data buckets plus the possibility of incurring expensive overage fees," said Emir Aboulhosn, Founder and CEO of Otono Networks. "Our new Monthly plans don't just offer an affordable alternative to domestic roaming fees, but also provide our customers with more flexibility in choosing the right Roam Mobility plan for their trip."

Previously, Roam Mobility users chose between Daily plans and long-term Snowbird plans lasting 3 months or more. The addition of Monthly plans to the Roam Mobility plan family provides a more affordable option for travelers staying in the USA for shorter-term trips.

To get started with Roam Mobility, travelers simply need a Roam Mobility SIM card, a reusable, reloadable SIM for use with Roam's network in the USA. Travelers can go to to purchase, schedule, and manage their roaming plans and to learn more about the service.

About Otono - Otono Networks, Inc. is an emerging global technology based telecom with multiple carrier-supported networks out of Vancouver, Canada. Otono's platform is primarily focused on flexible, global connectivity and mobile enablement solutions using both traditional SIM and eSIM technologies, allowing easier and faster network integration. Otono is the parent company of several mobile services, including Roam Mobility for USA, Roam Mobility for Canada, ZIP SIM, and AlwaysOnline Wireless. For more information about Otono and its products and services, visit

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