OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwired - February 22, 2017) - MindShare Design, Inc., a global leader in digital productivity tools, has acquired WorkStraight, a rapidly growing leader in computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). WorkStraight's work-order management platform gets everyone involved in a wide variety of operations centered projects all together on the same page. The overall solution helps companies streamline more industrial and maintenance oriented operations so they can invest more of their time and attention to the bottom line. WorkStraight is used by more than 15,000 operational and marketing professionals providing work management solutions in multiple markets including municipal governments, school districts, bio-tech, pharmaceutical, consumer sports, facilities, services, manufacturing and more.

WorkStraight, launched by founder Joe Tyner in December 2015, allows users to manage their workflow by creating clear lines of communication and responsibility. The platform was built both comprehensive enough for large organizations and scalable enough for small teams and individuals to grow their workflow.

MindShare Design's comprehensive suite of business acceleration tools empowers customers around the world to communicate with their customers more effectively. WorkStraight's web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution can be accessed on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other browser-based devices. MindShare's tools, software and data expertise together with WorkStraight's work-order management product represents a critical convergence of marketing maintenance solutions to ensure uptime and maximize return on assets for maintenance and operations managers.

"WorkStraight's ability to empower customers on its platform speaks for itself," said MindShare Design CEO Meredith Crawford. "I couldn't be more excited to welcome the WorkStraight team to the MindShare Design family. WorkStraight's rapid customer growth serving businesses ranging of all sizes brings a brand strength and expertise that will drive groundbreaking levels of innovation and support for all of our customers."

"Together, WorkStraight and MindShare Design have an unequaled passion for providing the best solutions to our customers," said WorkStraight founder Joe Tyner. "The combined resources of the companies unlocks tremendous potential. Our customers will be able to maximise productivity through the union of WorkStraight's powerful web-based CMMS and the resources of MindShare Design's dynamic, scalable reporting platform. We are happy to further enable industrial, maintenance and field-deployed teams to feel just as connected and unified as connected enterprise teams do."

About WorkStraight
WorkStraight is a global leader in Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). WorkStraight's software solutions help a wide range of operations executives better manage, monitor and control maintenance operations, resources, field marketing, construction, and more. Founded in 2013 with an official release of the solution in December 2015, WorkStraight rapidly reached a customer base of 10,000 by mid 2016, ranging from small/medium-sized organizations to large enterprises that include global professional sports teams, major municipalities, school districts, pharmaceutical businesses and biotech corporations.

About MindShare Design, Inc.
MindShare Design, Inc. creates versatile, powerful digital productivity tools for technologists everywhere. It is a leader in business acceleration tools and has been the first to market with several innovations, including launching the first SaaS platform for email campaign deployments and delivering enterprise e-mail sending technology. Its commitment to innovative and flexible digital productivity solutions is expressed through its brands, Vidi Emi, Savicom™, Savicom™ DASH and WorkStraight.

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