Entrepreneur Global Solutions Plans to Expand in 2017

Rancho Cucamonga, Feb. 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- E.G. Solutions, Inc. came into 2017 with high expectations for their biggest year yet, and with the first quarter coming to an end, they are right on track for expansion goals this year. 2016 started with a total of 3 markets and doubled in size by the end of the year. Coming into 2017, the goal was to do just that again, and double in size from 6 to 12 markets.  With goals for such rapid expansion and growth set in place, CEO Stephanie Aparicio works hands on with her team daily to ensure the student mentality and desire to grow stays strong. Not only does she work with her office in the Inland Empire, she helps oversee markets expanding as far as Oxnard, Simi Valley, and the San Francisco Bay. Promoting a uniform structure and blueprint for success is what has allowed Stephanie to be recognized as a top Female Manager across the U.S. Due to her success, Manager Stephanie was also chosen to be a speaker at one of the largest Regional Meetings held across the country. With over 350 people in attendance, Stephanie was able to speak to the crowd about key factors that have contributed to her success over the last 5 years, and how these key factors will continue to allow her and her organization to grow together. After the meeting, Stephanie said “It was such an honor to be chosen to speak at this meeting. Passing on the opportunity to help develop future business partners is the reason I’m in this business. Everyone works together to accomplish a common goal.”  

Goals for Aparicio are already being met as she reflected on the 1st quarter so far. The first promotion of the year was Aris Yadegarain, who was promoted to Assistant Manager for E.G. Solutions, Inc. in January. When Aparicio was asked about Aris, she stated “He is an individual that doesn’t give excuses. We can rely on him at any time to always help the business move forward. His student mentality has always been great, and he is a great mentor to those that he has taught and coached in the business as well. We are excited to see what he can accomplish and how we will continue to grow as business partners.” Aris has plans to expand to San Jose, CA mid-March.  

Not only has 2017 had a great start for expansion goals, but includes plans to become even more active in the community as well. Ending 2016, E.G. Solutions, Inc. had the opportunity to team up with Outreach Nation, a local charity, and were able to donate toys, and help feed those in the community that were less fortunate during the holiday season. This month, EG Solutions has put together an event for February to work with a homeless shelter in San Bernardino County to feed the homeless. They also have plans of working with Veterans, and participating in a blood drive over the next few months. As a final statement, Stephanie said “We are excited to see how far we have come over the last few years, and cannot wait to see what 2017 will hold for our organization. If we continue to work together, nothing will stop us from obtaining our goals!” For more information, visit E.G. Solutions, Inc. online at www.egsolutionsinc.net.


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