CEDAR KNOLLS, NJ--(Marketwired - Mar 1, 2017) - MYOS RENS Technology Inc. ("MYOS" or "the Company") (NASDAQ: MYOS), today announced the upcoming launch of Qurr, its Fortetropin®-powered product line formulated to support the vital role of muscle in overall well-being as well as in fitness.

The March 2017 introduction of Qurr's muscle-focused, natural, over-the-counter products will make the Qurr line available through convenient direct online ordering without a prescription. All Qurr products are blended with Fortetropin®, MYOS' proprietary ingredient which has been clinically demonstrated to reduce serum myostatin levels, which helps increase muscle size and lean body mass. MYOS' earlier product formulations featuring Fortetropin® have become part of the daily routine of many athletes and fit-conscious people.

Qurr is a line of deliciously flavored puddings, powders, and shakes all proven to be safe for daily use. While pharmaceutical companies are working on drugs to accomplish what Fortetropin® already does, there is no pharmaceutical drug that can reduce myostatin, safely. Fortetropin® has been shown in clinical trials to reduce serum myostatin levels and increase lean muscle mass and thickness when taken in conjunction with resistance training. Testimonials from enthusiastic core users of Fortetropin® also describe increases in lean muscle mass and thickness when combined with exercise.

Joseph Mannello, CEO of MYOS, stated, "Muscle growth is important for people of all ages, not only athletes and men. It is especially important to rebuild muscle which has been lost through two debilitating conditions: sarcopenia (muscle loss resulting as part of the aging process), and cachexia (loss of muscle due to disease).

The science of Fortetropin® is elementary: it reduces a little-known protein naturally produced by the body -- myostatin -- which is known to hinder muscle growth. Using the safe myostatin-reducing ingredient Fortetropin® along with exercise can help consumers build muscle thickness and lean body mass while fending off muscle loss. 

Mr. Mannello further explained, "We are at the beginning of a collective health consciousness where scientists have realized that muscle is not only about movement, but is also one of the body's master regulatory tissues. As such, muscle health lies at the core of a healthy lifestyle. We believe that as the public becomes more aware of the benefits of controlling myostatin, Fortetropin® will be seen as the key to full body wellness. MYOS, The Muscle Company™, will provide muscle-focused health solutions in various areas including sports and fitness nutrition, recovery, and rehabilitation."

The Qurr family of products will initially consist of 1) Qurr Well, to help support healthy aging by increasing lean muscle, 2) Qurr Toned, for promoting healthy muscle which can lead to a beautiful lean and toned body, and 3) Qurr Strong, for athletes and anyone seeking to grow lean muscle as a part of their training and/or workout regimen.

Qurr's ready-to-ingest powders, puddings, and shakes will come in a variety of delicious flavors. Along with the launch of the Qurr products will be the launch of an innovative Qurr.com website which will allow customers to become educated on muscle health, interact with the Qurr community, and order Qurr products all from one central place. The completion of the full educational portal and blog will be announced shortly, and sign-ups for advance access to the store will be available at qurr.com.

About MYOS RENS Technology Inc.

MYOS RENS Technology (MYOS), "The Muscle Company™", is a Cedar Knolls, NJ-based biotherapeutics and bionutrition company focused on developing products that improve muscle health and performance and bringing them to market. MYOS is the owner of Fortetropin®, the world's first clinically demonstrated myostatin reducer. Myostatin is a natural regulatory protein, which inhibits muscle growth and recovery. Fortetropin® is manufactured to optimize biological activity, which MYOS believes has the potential to redefine existing standards of physical health and wellness enhancement. For more information on MYOS and its proprietary ingredient, Fortetropin®, visit www.myosrens.com.

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