MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - March 3, 2017) - Glen Erikson, President of Nearctic Nickel Mines Inc. (the "Company"), announces that it and its indirect subsidiary, Ungava Mineral Exploration Inc. have filed an Amended Motion for Annulment of certain arbitration awards rendered in 2014 by J-L Baudouin, partner in the law firm Fasken Martineau Dumoulin ("Fasken").

The Amended Motion replaces the Motion which was the subject of the Company's press release dated November 9, 2016.

The Amended Motion makes new allegations that Fasken had conventional solicitor - client relations with Canadian Royalties Inc. and its Chinese SOE parent, Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co Ltd., from mid-2009 onwards. The curricula vitae of Michael Boehm, Yufei Luo, Lei Huang and others, found on the Fasken website, indicate the range of services rendered by the firm.

The Amended Motion and the Fasken personnel CVs referred to, will be annexed to the Material Change Report which the Company will file on SEDAR in connection with this press release.

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