CHELMSFORD, United Kingdom, March 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consumer behaviours and new marketing innovations are quickly changing the future of the Financial Services sector and with a number of trends set to be implemented throughout this year, Absolute Digital Media are taking a close look at the new strategies they can implement for their clients to help improve their client’s conversions, user experience and more.

One of the things that Absolute Digital Media will be looking at is the focus on micro interactions. With the focus on mobile search indexing this year, micro interactions are becoming a bigger part of UX design. This can help to make data, charts and touch points feel a lot more creative, keeping the user’s attention when dealing with dry or confusing numbers and stats.

CEO, Ben Austin, said: “The financial services sector can be one of the most competitive industries when it comes to digital marketing, and it is important that they keep up with the demands of their consumers in order to enhance their brand and retain customer loyalty.”

Another consideration that Absolute Digital Media will be looking at when it comes to their clients in the financial services sector, is the emergence of new technologies such as Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is looking to very quickly transform the finance sector, with improvements set to be implemented by increasing efficiency and security, and helping to reduce overall costs.

Santander issued a report back in 2015, estimating that blockchain had the potential to “reduce banks’ infrastructure costs by around US$15 – 20 billion per annum by 2022.”

A further look at social media and how their clients in the financial services sector can use it has also shown Absolute Digital Media a new avenue for improvement and innovation. With a number of social media strategies set to be implemented this year, the finance sector will be needing to capitalise on this new form of one-to-one customer service in order to ensure their customers remain loyal.

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