GARNER, NC--(Marketwired - Mar 7, 2017) - CloudJumper, a Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform innovator for agile business IT, today announced a partnership with MainFrameIT, a managed services provider (MSP) and cloud services broker offering managed IT solutions. Through a new partnership with CloudJumper, the company will deliver a suite of services based on nWorkSpace, CloudJumper's Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform. MainFrameIT will focus its delivery of the solution on small and medium size businesses (SMBs) throughout North America.

MainFrameIT, LLC launched in 2008 and began helping SMB customers benefit from a modern-day "mainframe" computing paradigm -- Microsoft Windows PCs/servers/networks all running centrally from the cloud. MainFrameIT's model liberated customers from having to purchase and maintain heavy infrastructure such as servers and related technologies, as well as the expense and headaches of maintaining it all. With CloudJumper nWorkSpace assuming a primary role in its technology stack, MainFrameIT will continue to empower SMBs with the security and data protection postures today's world demands. As for the end-user experience, staff are no longer shackled to a single PC as each employee's workspace (Windows/Apps/Data) follows them from PC to PC to Mac to device resulting in a workforce that is more agile, more mobile, and more productive.

With the advanced CloudJumper-enabled WaaS solution, MainFrameIT customers are provided with policy-based access to their workspace from any location at any time, as defined by the organization. Customers with multiple locations and/or remote staff are now able to work as if all are in one virtual office (in the cloud). CloudJumper nWorkSpace powered WaaS allows MainFrameIT to quickly and easily provision cloud services, providing customers with the flexibility of one or more public or private cloud environments to operate their business from.

"With nWorkSpace, we are accelerating our success in the cloud arena, providing both ourselves and our customers with greater operational agility along the way," said James White, Managing Partner at MainFrameIT. "While in our case CloudJumper fit perfectly into our existing business model, it's really a turnkey solution built for all IT service providers. At the end of a rigorous evaluation process we selected nWorkSpace versus others, not only because of CloudJumper's platform, but because of their proven experience in the WaaS space. Since the platform is turnkey it provides the lowest overhead solution in the industry which translates to cost savings that we are able to pass on to clients. We fully expect MainFrameIT's WaaS services to lead the company's revenue generation efforts in 2017."

CloudJumper's nWorkSpace is a preferred platform for MSPs, CSPs, software vendors, and other IT providers as it integrates all elements necessary to deliver highly scalable WaaS, including software, services, multi-cloud infrastructure, and expert engineering support. The platform provides layers of defense against data loss and cyber-attack with powerful data protection capabilities that include spam filtering, malware/virus protection, ransomware protection, data theft protection, data backup, disaster recovery, and disaster recovery planning and support. The CloudJumper partner portal provides an industry-first engagement platform for web-based quoting and ordering, partner and customer analytics and monitoring, support integration, financial reporting with on-demand access to detailed billing, service discounting based on account size, pricing estimates for new accounts, onboarding support, and white label billing.

"Like many forward thinking MSPs, MainFrameIT is paving a frictionless a path to the cloud for its customers with nWorkSpace WaaS," said Max Pruger, chief sales officer for CloudJumper. "CloudJumper reduces the cost and complexity of this reality with a well-planned approach designed with the channel in mind. With industry experts predicting rapid growth in the WaaS sector over the next several years, now is the time to develop a game plan for this space."

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About CloudJumper
Founded in 2016, CloudJumper is a workspace as a service (WaaS) platform innovator for the agile business. It launches itself from the platform its sister company, nGenx built over more than 16 years as a cloud pioneer, taking its new Workspace as a Service solution to a greater height with its concurrent user model. Many of the key personnel from nGenx have also made the transition to CloudJumper. CloudJumper built its concurrent WaaS model working with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Intuit, Google, and others. Head and shoulders above the competition, the CloudJumper concurrent WaaS model provides the industry's most robust cloud desktop and provides a unique cost-savings option that focuses on both named and simultaneous users. CloudJumper markets its solutions through both white label and agency programs supported by the CloudJumper control panel, a single pane-of-glass provisioning system that provides partners with complete control over their IT environments. For more information, visit About CloudJumper.

About MainFrameIT
MainFrameIT is part 4.0 Managed Services Provider (MSP), part Cloud Services Broker (CSB), and in all cases Managed IT. Backed by a thoroughly vetted network of vendors and data centers, each with deep expertise in their practice area, and orchestrated with its own in-house developed layers of tech, architectures and disciplines across the areas of cloud migration, customer support, security, licensing/contracts and project management, MainFrameIT is able to provide customers with massive ROI at every level of the IT stack that traditional models simply cannot touch. For more information, visit About MainFrameIT.

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