ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Mar 7, 2017) - World Housing Solution, manufacturer of expeditionary solutions and insulated composite housing structures for the U.S. Military, today announces a new contract to install its Grey Water Processing System at the Birendra Peace Operations Training Center as a part of the Shanti Prayas III Exercise in Panchkhal, Kavre Nepal.

World Housing Solution's unique water treatment system collects wastewater from showers, hand basins and laundry facilities to recycle and re-use in BPOTC toilets, urinals, hand basins, laundry and more. The system is composed of three distinct compartments:

  • The Primary Clarifier for separation of liquids from solids
  • The Membrane Biological Reactor, which provides a biological barrier to organics and pathogens
  • The Chlorine Contact Compartment, which acts as a backup disinfection in the event of a tear in the MBR

World Housing Solution provides customizable rapidly deployable structures (RDS) and sustainable water treatment solutions for military operations. World Housing Solution's water filtration and purification system will be used during the Shanti Prayas III Exercise, which brings together the Nepalese Army, United Nations (UN) and Pacific Command (PACOM) personnel. Uniting 26 contributing nations, the training enhances interoperability and prepares military forces for multinational peacekeeping operations. Harnessing the wealth of capabilities from the many militaries represented, the exercise utilizes the talents, ideas and resources of the nations involved to magnify global impact.

"We're working with companies from around the world to not only support the UN's efforts to become more sustainable, but help achieve its mission to advance both peace and cooperation among nations for the greater good," said Ron Ben-Zeev, President and CEO of World Housing Solution. "The Shanti Prayas III Exercise builds collaboration among like-minded countries committed to working together to maintain security and stability -- a mission World Housing Solution stands strongly behind."

Reusable and reconfigurable, the expeditionary structures can be efficiently redeployed and installed for temporary to permanent facilities with little to no impact to the local site. Manufactured in World Housing Solution's US-based facility, the RDS and water treatment systems are currently being used in forward operating bases around the world, including East and West Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and the South Pacific.

"We are always looking for ways to further revolutionize our solutions to better serve our customers and therefore, customize our product to meet the unique demands of each military base, whether it's for maternity wards, latrines or housing," adds Ben-Zeev. "Our contract with the United Nations gives us the opportunity to explore new methods of customizability, allowing us to utilize the unique water treatment system implemented in all of our deployable structures and adapt it for use in a permanent structure."

To learn more about World Housing Solution, visit http://worldhousingsolution.com/.

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Established in 2010, World Housing Solution is a manufacturing company based in Orlando, Florida that creates composite structures for the U.S. Military using rapidly deployable panel solutions (RDPs). The company provides environmentally friendly structures that are long-lasting, easy to assemble, and affordable.

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