SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - March 08, 2017) - Is the travel industry in peril? That depends on who you ask and recently, MMGY Global asked some 2,300 American adults what they thought of traveling now that the new administration has taken over affairs in the U.S. and the world stage. The results are published in the latest issue of's Travel-Intel.

Not surprisingly, Millennials are voicing their sensitivity to the new administration through their vacation choices. And when it comes to the Business Travel sector of the travel industry, the Global Business Travel Association is reporting that in the first week of February, alone, the U.S. lost $185 million in potential travel bookings from abroad due to what the Association refers to as the "Trump Slump."

The story in Travel-Intel is one of several looking at recent and long-term trends in the travel industry. The latest issue highlights a number of topics, including travel to Cuba. The island nation is seeing hotel and tourism prices normalize finally, despite the rise of demand. In fact, Cuba saw 614,000 visitors from the U.S. last year -- a 34 percent increase over the previous year. InsightCuba, a popular purveyor of travel to Cuba from the U.S. saw hotel prices quadruple since the travel ban was lifted in 2014 and now those rates are coming down again and making travel affordable. Travel Leaders, a national network of agencies, concurs and offers their take on travel to Cuba in 2017 in the current issue of Travel-Intel.

Also featured in this week's Travel-Intel is relief for busy employees and executives through a look at wellness vacations and six exotic luxury vacations people can take for rejuvenation and renewal. Six Senses Resorts, with new resorts in the Seychelles, China, Portugal and Bhutan, offers one of a kind experiences in healing, enlightenment and sensory enjoyment as described through this piece. The properties are included in the exclusive Kurtz-Ahlers collection of luxury hotels, resorts and destination specialists.

For those who are not quite done with winter, Travel-Intel features nine destinations where snow is guaranteed, great resorts await and activities can be found for skiers and non-skiers alike. How about a glass house in Lapland? The snow there often lasts through May.

Other destinations in this issue are featured because they might not be around for much longer. Perhaps a twist on places to see before you die would be this article on destinations to see before they disappear. Travel-Intel looks at seven such places that are in danger as their primary attractions, whether wildlife or environment, are changing fast.

Finally, as wedding season approaches and plans are seeing ink, Travel-Intel presents some wild alternatives to expensive white gowns and grandstanding feasts. The issue features seven "wacko" wedding ideas that take "I Dos" to the edge of adventure. The article offers tips on how and where to get married with sharks or in the nude or jumping off a bridge. And it also offers tips for those who want a true fairytale wedding -- Disney style -- castle, coach and all, inside the theme park.

Travel-Intel is one of the travel industry's top travel news communications services with news, features, destination updates and travel intelligence sent weekly to more than 115,000 travel agent subscribers in North America. It is then posted on for consumers and others interested in travel. Articles are written by travel industry journalists with an eye for changing trends in travel. Stories come from a variety of places and perspectives, including intel from travel industry conferences and expos, or first person experiences at popular hotels, exotic resorts, cruise ships and ports, and destinations near and far. Current issues and archives can be viewed at

"Travel-Intel is widely read by all sectors of travel, from travel agents to tour companies to destination marketers to consumers researching their travel plans," says Lark Gould, editor for Travel-Intel. "Travel is a fast-changing field. Witness the chaos we have seen only in the past month through various U.S. policy changes alone. We are weekly so that we can keep up with these flashes and report the trends."

As a veteran travel journalist who has been covering the travel industry for more than 30 years, Lark Gould puts her incisive perspective into the weekly publication, with features and news updates, and also "packages" issues that present great travel deals to be found at hotels and resort locations worldwide. Travel-Intel can be viewed as a stand-alone publication on Gould publishes travel columns and stories for the Washington Times, Business Travel Executive, and Business Traveler USA, as well as and Larkslist.

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