Tacoma, Washington, March 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atmosphera Inc. of Tacoma, Washington continues to break records across the nation as they announce three recent expansions as well as three exciting promotions to come.

Currently, the company boasts six locations across the United States. Two of the most recent expansions took place in Ohio as the third planted roots in Washington State.

The first monumental surge of growth took place in Cleveland, Ohio as Atmosphera Inc.’s Director, Khalil Verdell assisted his associate Grant Billups in the move. Grant initially took over three locations spanning across Cleveland in November 2016. Since the grand opening, the office tripled in size and has the potential to flourish into 3 more locations throughout the Cleveland area over the course of the upcoming quarter.

Khalil explains, “Our clients expressed the immediate need to launch their campaigns in Cleveland in October. Within weeks, our management team unified and presented a solution. Grant, without hesitation stepped up to the plate and fully delivered his best effort, proving the market to be just as lucrative as projected.”

Soon after Grant’s grand opening, Elizabeth Mason sought Khalil’s expertise to take on five locations across Tacoma, Washington. Elizabeth and her associates now represent Atmosphera Inc.’s top tier clients with hopes of growing into six more regional locations by the end of the year.

Without losing momentum, the company’s leaders shifted their focus to the next mission, expanding to Toledo. Currently in the beginning stages and projected to officially begin business in March, Khalil continues to offer his assistance to a third associate, Liandra Daniels. Liandra will spearhead the company’s efforts in Toledo and is expected to gracefully conquer the Glass Capital, shattering productivity records soon after opening.

If that weren’t enough to prove Atmosphera Inc.’s mobility across state lines, the company’s most recent announcement included the names of three more associates on the roster for future growth out of Tacoma. Madison Schwerzel, Maxine Lake and Jared Capello anxiously await the green light to take their vision to the Big Apple, the Golden State and beyond.

With backgrounds ranging from former military service, previous management experience and bachelor’s degrees from some of the most prestigious schools in the nation, the Atmosphera Inc. team is as diverse as they come. The company has proven its versatility and capability of training, developing and leading individuals from all walks of life.

In his final announcement of the first quarter, Khalil publicized the company’s desire to hire on new top talent. Individuals with a competitive nature and a positive, progressive attitude are encouraged to apply as Atmosphera Inc. pushes to double in size before June.

For more information about Atmosphera Inc., the career opportunities offered and their newly acquired territories, visit www.atmospherainc.com.

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