WHISTLER, BC--(Marketwired - March 09, 2017) - Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp (WMMC), Canada's only 100% certified organic producer of medical cannabis licensed under Health Canada's Access to Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), confirm 65,000 sq ft expansion.

Following Health Canada approval to allow for the development of a new satellite facility, construction will begin in April 2017 to expand the company's existing footprint and increase production capacity.

The development of the new site follows a surge in demand for organic medication amongst Canadians.

"Over the past three years, WMMC have worked diligently to refine our production practices and produce products in line with demand. Expanding our facility allows us to grow to meet demand and will place WMMC at the forefront of premium organic cannabis production." WMMC CEO Christopher Pelz

Although increasing the company's production within the Canadian market, WMMC will remain a locally owned and operated business. A short drive north of the business' existing site, the local farming community of Pemberton, BC has been chosen for the new satellite location as it offers the land and zoning required to expand, as well as the infrastructure to sustain the operation. Pemberton and the surrounding area are set to benefit from the move with construction to be carried out exclusively by local contractors. Once operational, WMMC's new site will also generate more than twenty five full time jobs for the local economy.

Construction is expected to be complete in Spring 2018 and will allow WMMC to produce an additional 6,500kg of organic cannabis per year.

About Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp
WMMC grow with integrity and the commitment to producing quality organic cannabis. The company was amongst the first Health Canada Licensed Producers (LPs) to operate in Canada and remain the only producer in the county whose entire product line is 100% organic (as certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association). WMMC were also one of the first producers to expand their product selection to include Cannabis Oils, and one of the few who are actively shipping Cannabis plants nationwide.

Contact Information:

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