VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - March 13, 2017) - 'Integrated health care' takes on new meaning this week as Vancouver's Apollo Medical Centre in the Kitsilano neighbourhood begins expansion plans, pioneering a new model for cannabis treatment and care in BC.

Apollo Medical Centre embodies the next generation of medical cannabis dispensaries, offering a range of innovative cannabis treatments alongside an integrated health care and activity centre, where patients can receive medical care from physicians and naturopaths, as well as counseling services, health education, massage therapy, meditation, Reiki, and yoga classes.

"Recent research demonstrates that cannabis can be an effective, less toxic treatment option for a variety of ailments ranging from chronic pain to epilepsy to arthritis. The stigma tied to cannabis use has created a barrier to these effective treatments, in part due to questionable practices in the industry," explains Rachel Sutton, Apollo's resident Naturopath. "Apollo is the first facility of its kind in BC to take cannabis treatment to the next level, by providing a wide range of options in a holistic, clinical setting."

"While polls show that Canadians are widely in favour of legalization, until Apollo, the public hasn't yet seen a model for how this care will occur in a fully integrated clinic," says Renee Gagnon, CEO HollyWeed North Cannabis. Inc. "As one of the first licensed facilities in Canada, Apollo embodies a new model for cannabis care, helping erode stigmas and barriers for patients who will benefit from the many cannabis treatment options available at this clinic."

Here's how Apollo Medical Centre is pioneering a new model for patients in BC:

  • Integrated Health Services Apollo offers a wide range of health services including access to medical doctors and naturopaths, as well as Reiki, massage, counseling, yoga and group meditation.
  • Cannabis Treatment Options For those seeking medicinal cannabis treatment, Apollo offers a wide selection of options compassionately priced for seniors, students and fixed income patients. Through guided consultations with the Apollo team, members and visiting patients can explore ointments, tinctures and topicals to treat a wide variety of ailments for humans and pets. Many non-intoxicating and vegan options are available.
  • Treatments for Pets Studies show that pets suffering with pain and anxiety respond well to CBD treatment. Natural hemp-derived solutions including CBD treats and tinctures are proving viable options for pet owners looking for a holistic supplement for long-term preventative care.
  • Community Participation Apollo is an active and valued member of its community, in part via its full transparency of operations, adherence to all municipal regulations, and its educational approach to patient treatment in a professional setting.

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