SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 14, 2017) - Aluma Innovations today announces the availability for pre-order of its flagship product, Aluma Connect, the first personal safety device that attaches directly to a smartphone -- the one thing that most people have with them at all times. 

"A personal safety device is only helpful if you have it with you when you need it," says Todd Baldree, Founder of Aluma Innovations. "Our goal was to find a way to 'weaponize' the smartphone in a way that everyone, whether male or female, young or old, can have it with them at all times because unfortunately, a vulnerable and potentially dangerous situation can arise at any time, in any place and to anyone."

The ultra-slim safety device and app duo contains a Quick-Release Safety Wristband, an audible alarm and a Silent Alert Button. When pulled, the alarm toggle, also connected to the Quick-Release Safety Wristband, activates a loud audible alarm, which then bypasses the locked screen of the smartphone to activate the Aluma Connect app. The app, available for iOS and Android, then contacts a group of friends and family that the user has previously identified as their Social Safety Network and shares a map with the user's current location. If available, members of the Social Safety Network can choose to be placed in a conference call with one another to discuss the best course of action. Aluma Connect also features a Silent Alert Button that allows a user to discretely notify their Social Safety Network without drawing attention to themselves or the situation.

Aluma Connect is an invaluable tool that provides peace of mind and empowers anyone with a smartphone, especially groups that may find themselves alone on a regular basis such as high school students, college students, runners, realtors, restaurant employees, Uber drivers, seniors living alone and more.

"We felt the perfect personal safety solution had to 1) be attached to your smartphone, 2) offer a super loud alarm as some estimate that two-thirds of all crimes are averted once an alarm is sounded and 3) let others know where you are located so they can help or send help. Without just one of these three key features, the solution falls short," said Ben Holbrook, Co-Founder of Aluma Innovations.

Aluma Innovations is donating 25 percent of all profits from sales of the Aluma Connect device to support causes working to stop sexual and aggravated assaults. 

"The genesis of Aluma Connect came out of, in part, after learning of the epidemic that 25 percent of college women are being assaulted during their college career," Baldree explains. "In addition to our device and app solution, which help to combat this problem head-on, we feel that donating that same percentage of the device profits to other groups fighting to do the same will help combat such a negative rate with a positive one and put an end to this epidemic even faster."

Pre-Orders of the device begin today, with delivery expected in June 2017. The device retails for $119.99 ($99.99 per device for a bundle of three), and the app subscription is $1.99 per month. To learn more, visit

About Aluma Innovations
Aluma Innovations was founded by a group of passionate people who came together to help everyone live full and empowered lives through the smart use of technology. Our flagship product, Aluma Connect -- the only personal safety device that connects directly to a smartphone ( -- was born out of the need to address the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses. In so doing, we discovered the need for a greater sense of freedom and peace of mind for every generation. Aluma Innovations will donate 25 percent of profits from sales of the Aluma Connect device to causes working to stop sexual and aggravated assaults. The company has offices in San Francisco, CA and Greenville, SC.

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