GREENVILLE, NC, March 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Game Plan, the comprehensive student-athlete development platform that unifies and aligns athletic departments, athletes, and employers, is thrilled to announce the release of "Restoring Trust in Higher Education: Making the Investment Worthwhile Again" by Dr. Aneil K. Mishra.

In "Restoring Trust in Higher Education," Game Plan's CEO Vin McCaffrey pens the chapter, "Preparing Varsity Athletes for the World of Work" where he highlights key elements of the student-athlete experience and how those experiences are valued and contribute to their readiness for the workplace. In this chapter, McCaffrey also details how athletic departments can do a better job of creating programs, measuring and tracking activities in order to create accountability that fosters an environment for preparing student-athletes effectively for the workplace.

McCaffrey's insights include:

  • The student-athlete experience and how these experiences create a more holistic, accountable and prepared individual for life after college athletics - and the workplace.
  • The responsibility of the athletic department and its staff to go beyond academic preparedness and tracking to that of preparing and tracking student-athletes to be world-ready for careers.
  • The commitment and collective accountability of both student-athletes and athletic departments on ensuring the success of student-athletes.
  • A blueprint and examples of how athletic departments need to become more accountable for the success of student-athletes post-graduation.

"I am excited that this book brings together a group of contributors whose innovations in higher education are making a real difference in the lives of college students," said Dr. Aneil Mishra. "Vin and Game Plan's efforts to help college athletes succeed in school and after graduation provides a model that can be adopted beyond athletic departments so that all college students can be given the tools and help necessary for them to thrive as well." 

"It was an honor to be chosen to contribute alongside Aneil in his recent book on improving the state of higher education," said Vin McCaffrey. "If we can share our experiences and research from our 10+ years in college athletics to benefit others and help spark change, we're all for it. We're all about improving the student-athlete experience, supporting their journey, and making it as easy as possible for athletic departments to do so as well. This is another opportunity to help do just that."

Game Plan is an innovative platform that connects student-athletes with their many stakeholders to maximize their academic and professional development. Game Plan offers over 60 student-athlete eLearning courses, as well as personal and professional development assessments to help individuals identify and pursue their personal interests and strengths.

In addition, Game Plan connects top employers and corporate sponsors with student-athletes through its online Career Marketplace to increase job and internship opportunities to improve career outcomes.

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About Aneil K. Mishra, PhD
Aneil is an internationally recognized and widely published thought leader, educator, keynote speaker, and consultant in the areas of trust, leadership, change management, organizational culture and organizational downsizing. Aneil consults with a variety of Fortune 500 firms, startups, health care organizations, and nonprofits around the globe on leadership and team development, building trust-based cultures, and change management. Most recently he has worked with Entrepreneurs' Organization, Abbott Labs, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the District of Columbia Bar Association, the UNC and Virginia Commonwealth University medical schools, and the boards of both the Vidant Health Foundation and Harnett Health Foundation. 

About Restoring Trust in Higher Education: Making the Investment Worthwhile Again
Leaders from both private and public institutions provide a 360-degree view of the challenges and opportunities facing higher education--and offer a manifesto for restoring relevance and respect.

  • Applies the research-based and field-tested ROCC of Trust© model as a means for providers and consumers to evaluate how an educational institution is addressing key issues regarding the relevance of earning a degree
  • Shares expert opinions on how to make higher education worthwhile, both developmentally and financially
  • Develops a call to action showing how institutions of higher education can rebuild the trust they have lost because of skyrocketing tuition costs, declining graduation rates, and persistent underemployment of recent grads

About Game Plan
Game Plan is a unified student-athlete development platform, bringing together all the components for a rich student athlete experience by connecting athletic departments, student-athletes, and employers to improve outcomes for all. Leaders in college athletics look to Game Plan to be the foundation for their student-athlete development program by using a comprehensive approach based on engagement and a student's personality and interests. Game Plan works with college athletic departments at all NCAA division schools and partners with companies all over the country. For more information, please visit and connect on Facebook (Game Plan), Twitter @gameplanworks), and LinkedIn (Game Plan by Game Theory Group).

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