Aimark Creates Lasting Ties with the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida, Taft Branch

Orlando, Florida, UNITED STATES

Orlado, Florida, March 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aimark of Orlando, Florida pledges to continue their efforts with the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida, Taft Branch throughout the year. In 2015, Aimark was presented with the foundation’s Community Leader Award and hope to bring it home again through their efforts in 2017.

The company participates in several events throughout each month, including helping with homework, having fun at dance team practice, getting dirty on the playground and, the kids personal favorite, pizza parties.

Service Director for the Taft Branch, Anna Dieuveuil explains the importance of what the Aimark associates do. “Our children need positive role models. They need to know that their options are not limited based their zip code. The Aimark team is so diverse. They truly are exceptional in that way. The kids relate to them and know that they can be entrepreneurs and business owners one day. The changes we’ve seen thus far have been remarkable.”

When asked what sets Aimark apart from the rest of the volunteers, Anna replied, “The best part about the Aimark team is that they don't come in suits and ties. They come in jeans and t-shirts ready to play! The kids get to just simply be kids when they are around.”

The most recent event hosted by Aimark consisted of 40 pizzas, 90 children and 20 Aimark volunteers. Director of Operations, Jon Khani explains, “As always, the afternoon was so much fun. Watching the faces of the children light up when the pizza arrived was so rewarding.”

Anna closes with saying, “Although the volunteers may think coming in for play time or pizza parties is a small thing to give, I can promise you – the kids will remember. The kids will cherish those memories and they will remember.” She laughs and goes on to say, “The kids already started calling Khani the ‘Pizza Man’.

From dodge ball games to in house dance competitions, the Aimark team is dedicated to making a difference in their local community through the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida, Taft Branch. To join the movement to create a brighter future for Central Florida’s youth, visit





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