DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Mar 15, 2017) - Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. ( (OTC PINK: AZFL), a natural resources company dedicated to innovative, sustainable forest management, Industrial CBD Hemp and the certification and sales of carbon credits today announced its wholly-owned subsidiary, Amazon Hemp Ltd, has moved one step closer to meeting requirements for planting of its 100 Acre Plot with its Industrial High CBD Hemp by achieving registration with the Dept. of Agriculture for the State of Colorado. The company is close to completing all of the necessary requirements for planting, using only proven genetics, around mid-May of this year.

Ricardo Cortez, Company Chairman of Amazonas Florestal, Ltd said "These recent developments should demonstrate to our long-term shareholders that management continues to strive to build value in the company and achieve revenues and profits from stateside business this year. The company is now on course to enter the Industrial Hemp business and at a considerably large scale." Cortez also said, "Our return to compliancy and new structure have allowed for a renewed interest in our efforts which will allow us to complete the company's new face and direction with new headquarters. We will soon announce the inauguration and location for the company's new offices in the Miami Brickell area as well."

Peter W. Stebbins, Chief Executive Officer of Amazonas Florestal Ltd. commented, "Indeed the company takes another important step forward with the registration of the 100-acre Hemp Plantation in Colorado. In essence, this registration is the license that permits 303 Farms to plant, harvest and sell the plantations resulting yield and products under contact to our subsidiary Amazon Hemp. We continue to actively pursue a share of the growing market for CBD Oils, Crystals and edible products confectioned using CBD as an active ingredient."

Todd Ellison, one of the principles at 303 Farms stated that "we at 303 Farms as part of our synergistic alliance with Amazon Hemp are excited that we are closer to the planting stage and we want to assure shareholders that we are prepared to move forward immediately once final requirements are met. Our past on-ground experience with this CBD Hemp plant, that we consider to be perhaps the number one most potentially profitable farm product of the coming decades, can now be put to practice on a larger scale." Ellison continued, "We look at this activity though, not only from the projects economic feasibility but also take pride in being part of an organization that plans to invest in the formulation, patenting and distribution of new products that actually have been recently proven to benefit human health. It's not just the Hempcrete and Fiber for us, it's also about promoting better health worldwide."

In other company news, Cortez said that the Company accountants have completed the 2016 Annual Report and OTC Disclosures. He said "these are under final review and will be filed and posted on time. All in all, the company is poised and ready for progress and should develop in a positive manner this year."

About Amazonas Florestal Ltd.
Amazonas Florestal Ltd. is a natural resources company dedicated to innovative, sustainable management of large tracts of land in the rainforests of Amazonas, Brazil, that include the certification and sale of carbon credits and the growth, harvesting, research and development of Industrial Hemp and related products in the U.S.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Amazonas's goal is to become a leader in sustainable forest management and preservation, creating revenue while protecting the biodiversity of the rainforest ecosystem and enhancing the lives of the people who live in it. Through a strategy of selective harvesting, certification and sale of carbon, biomass and biofuel production, and conservation incentives, Amazonas Florestal Ltd. intends to help protect one of the world's greatest natural resources and show how its preservation can be a profitable activity. Visit the Company at:

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