In February, FCA sales in Europe were up 8.7% year-over-year, once again outperforming the industry which registered an average increase of 2.1%. As a result, FCA's European market share increased to 7.9% (from 7.4%). This is the highest level since March 2010, bringing the Group's European ranking to fourth overall. All Group brands registered increases, with sales up 23.5% for Alfa Romeo, 8.3% for Fiat, 5.3% for Lancia and 1.3% for Jeep. The Fiat Panda and Fiat 500 were the two best selling cars in the European A segment (accounting for a combined 32.5% share) and the Fiat 500L led its segment with a 32.2% share. The Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade were once again among the leaders in the Small SUV segment. The Fiat Tipo and Alfa Romeo Giulia continued to post sales increases, while Alfa Romeo also launched the all-new Stelvio - the brand's first ever SUV - with more than 1,000 orders received in the first few days. 

In February, FCA posted another strong monthly sales performance in Europe (EU28+EFTA), once again outperforming the industry average. Group sales were up 8.7% (+2.1% for the industry) to 88,000 vehicles. Market share was up 50 basis to 7.9%, representing the highest level since March 2010 and placing FCA fourth overall in Europe for the month.
For the two months year-to-date, FCA sold nearly 172,000 vehicles, representing a year-over-year increase of 11.8% versus 6.1% for the industry. Market share for the period was up 40 basis points to 7.4%.
In February, Group sales were up 7.2% in Italy (industry +6.2%), 18.4% in Germany (industry -2.6%), 6.0% in France (industry -2.9%) and 12.2% in Spain (industry +0.1%).

Fiat brand posted an 8.3% increase in European sales in February, with 65,800 vehicles sold. Market share was 30 basis points higher at 5.9%.
Year-to-date, brand sales were up 12.6% to more than 129,300 vehicles and market share was 30 basis points higher at 5.6%.
By major market, the brand's February sales were up 6.1% in Italy, 18.1% in Germany, 7.3% in France and 16.9% in Spain.
Fiat remained leader in the European A segment with the Panda and 500 holding a combined 32.5% share. Year-to-date, sales of the Panda were up 3.1%, while the 500 posted a 6.7% increase.
Other models in the 500 family also posted a strong February performance. The 500L was leader in the European Small MPV segment with a 32.2% share and more than 7,500 units sold. The 500X ranked among the top five in its segment with sales up 0.4% year-over-year. In Italy, the 500L and 500X were leaders in their respective segments with shares of 62.8% and 18.6%.
The Tipo continued to gain ground in the highly-competitive C segment, with particularly positive results in Italy, France and Poland. The Fiat 124 also continued as one of the top five in its segment.

Lancia/Chrysler also outperformed the industry with sales up 5.3% to nearly 7,300 vehicles and share up 10 basis points to 0.7%. For the year-to-date, sales were up 4.0% to 13,100 vehicles with share at 0.6%.
The brand posted a particularly positive result in Italy in February with sales up 5.9% year-over-year.
For the Ypsilon, sales were up 5.7% over the same month one year ago.

Alfa Romeo posted a strong monthly performance in February with sales increasing 23.5% to nearly 6,300 vehicles and European market share 10 basis points higher at 0.6%.
Year-to-date, sales were up 27.2% to nearly 12,300 vehicles with market share at 0.5% (+10 bps).
February sales were up 77.0% in Germany and 18.8% in the UK.
The Giulia registered another strong monthly performance and the all-new Stelvio - Alfa Romeo's first ever SUV, presented at the Geneva Motor Show and now available in select markets - has already generated more than 1,000 orders and will soon be making its contribution to the brand's monthly sales results.

Jeep brand sales in Europe were up 1.3% to 8,000 vehicles and market share was in line with the prior year at 0.7%.
Year-to-date, brand sales totaled nearly 15,500 units and share was stable at 0.7%.
In February, Jeep brand sales were up 4.2% in Italy, 2.1% in France, 35.2% in Switzerland, 12.4% in Austria and 9.7% in Poland.
The Jeep Renegade, consistently one of the best-sellers in its segment, made another solid contribution with sales up 12.4% year-over-year.

For Maserati, the Group's luxury brand, European sales totaled 718 vehicles in February and 1,723 vehicles for the year-to-date.

London, 16 March 2017

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