JSC "Riga Electric Machine Building Works" (RER) plant planned to promote the efficient use of energy resources


JSC "Riga Electric Machine Building Works" (JSC "Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca") is planning to implement the project “Complex solutions in Riga Electric Machine Building Works for improvement of energy efficiency”. Within the project company has published procurements for renovation of the gas distribution point for 32 000 euro, gas pipe renovation for 9000 euro, LED technology lighting equipment for 160 000 euro, water heating boiler for 147 000 euro, and air compressors for 80 000 euro.

The company published several procurements for purchase of energy efficient production equipment as well. It is planned to purchase abrasive blasting chamber for cleaning surfaces before painting for 95 000 euro, press with matrix set for tip assembly for 12 000 euro, drying oven for 45 000 euro, hydro abrasive cutting equipment for 250 000 euro, compounded punching device for traction motor stator sheet preform cutting for 60 000 euro, multifunctional welding machine for 7000 euro, equipment for cutting and removing of flame retardant cable insulation for 60 000 euro, and  high-frequency power soldering system for 58 000 euro. All costs mentioned above are indicative, and equipment price will be certain after the procurement process has been concluded.

Tender submission deadline for all procurements is March 31. It is planned to finish all deliveries of the equipment and renovation works till spring 2019.

The project will be implemented within the specific objective “'Promoting the efficient use of energy resources, reducing energy consumption and transition to RES in the manufacturing sector” of the EU Structural Funds support programme 4.1.1.

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