iQ Media Launches Real-Time Sponsorship Measurement; First-Ever to Track TV Investments In-Game and Out-of-Game

Professional Sports Franchises, Leagues, Universities and Brand Sponsors Can Now Measure Fan Engagement Across National and Local TV Markets

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

PHILADELPHIA, March 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iQ Media (, the leader in real-time TV measurement for marketers and advertisers, today announces its new sponsorship measurement solution, which equips professional sports franchises and their sponsors with unprecedented real-time data about how their TV and sponsorship activations influence fan engagement, both in-stadium and out. The solution then correlates these analytics with purchase data, mobile activation or social media engagement.

Prior to iQ Media, in-game data points were typically captured manually—with analysts or agencies either physically in the stadium or reviewing TV clips post-game. However, these methods do not extend to out-of-stadium engagement or purchase events. Using its human-eye logo recognition and spoken word-detection technology, iQ Media’s solution allows sports marketers to more accurately measure their sponsorship investments in-game and out-of-game, and at the national and local-market level.

This approach significantly decreases waste around sponsorship investments by telling teams and sponsors what their audiences are reacting to and helping them focus their efforts accordingly. It additionally reduces “false positives” by reporting only logos and brand items that are actually visible to their audiences. Outside of the game, iQ Media’s technology lets teams and sponsors correlate their real-time TV data with data about consumer engagement—such as social engagement, mobile activations and in-store purchases, in all 210 DMAs—from first-party sources.

iQ Media is currently working with several sports franchises and universities, including the NHL, Charlotte Hornets, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Indians, Dallas Cowboys, Temple University and USA Cycling, to monitor both media communications and sponsorship activations.

“Teams and sponsors have traditionally suffered from an incomplete view of their fan engagement and sponsorship activations data,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO of iQ Media. “Our technology automates data collection in real time, across national and local markets, delivering far more comprehensive and accurate data, far more quickly. Now we can also track sponsorship performance beyond the game, which will empower teams and sports marketers to understand their sponsorship investments and improve their fan activations, in-stadium and out.”

“It’s highly important to keep in constant, positive contact with our corporate sponsors and donors—as well as the entire institution, so we have an extremely active outreach program,” said Larry Dougherty, Senior Associate Athletic Director at Temple University. “iQ Media enables us to magnify the value of the TV coverage Temple University gets, because we can push out positive communications, almost as soon as it airs.”

iQ Media’s Sponsorship Measurement Solution’s benefits and key features include:

Earned and Paid Media Engagement Values. In a single, comprehensive report, iQ media helps teams and sponsors understand their earned and paid media mentions from TV and sponsorship investments. Teams can use this data to drive sponsorship account growth while brands can use it for media planning, and deepening fan engagement and loyalty, in-game and out-of-game.

Local Market Results: iQ Media evaluates both in-game and out-of-stadium sponsorship and TV performance in the team’s top desired markets (available in all 210 DMA’s), so that they can accurately measure fan engagement, and map first party data attribution from other measurement solutions, such as Repucom.

Automated Closed Caption + Human-Eye Logo Recognition: iQ Media’s proprietary logo-recognition and spoken word-detection technology accurately identifies when a logo is seen and heard on TV, and definitively distinguishes between earned vs. paid occurrences.  This data allows teams and sponsors to immediately evaluate, measure and understand the effectiveness of their sponsorship investment in-stadium and out.

Real-Time, First-Party Data Correlation. On an hourly basis, teams and their sponsors can access data that correlates TV performance to fan engagement, brand perception and sponsorship ROI.

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