SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 4, 2017) - AnyPerk today launched an expanded suite of tools to help companies build -- and measure -- positive workplace cultures. The expansion coincides with a name change and rebrand to Fond. The new name is intended to signal the affection, joy and affinity that companies cultivate in their employees as they build places where people love to work. 

"This is less a rebrand than an evolution of our original mission; it's not just changing our name and logo," said Taro Fukuyama, CEO and Co-founder of Fond. "The data prove that a great workplace culture multiplies growth. In fact, culture is as reliable an indicator of a company's success as revenue or profit, but many organizations aren't sure where to start."

"What's more, culture can and should be measured," Fukuyama added. "So while we started as a perks company, this rebrand makes explicit that our mission is much bigger: we are creating innovative ways to engage and recognize the millions of individual human beings collectively known as employees -- and helping to measure culture across any company."

To reinforce that point, Fond is introducing EngagementIQ, a free way for companies to measure the health of their workplace cultures, as well as significant new recognition capabilities in Fond Rewards.

EngagementIQ is a free tool that will help companies assess the core components of employee engagement -- such as purpose, recognition and motivation -- and provide them with a measurable baseline for how their employees are feeling at work. Studies show that healthy organizations where employees feel valued and love coming to work outperform companies where employees feel disengaged and undervalued. Anyone can take advantage of the tool by going to

Additionally, Fond Rewards has significantly expanded to drive more impactful and consistent levels of recognition within companies. Core to this strategy is in-the-moment recognition, allowing managers and teammates to recognize great work when and where it happens through integrations with Gmail, Slack and Salesforce.

Fond's expansions make the administration of rewards and recognition easier by enabling:

  • Automatic scheduling of recognition at regular intervals and milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. Never miss an important date again.
  • Customizable points-to-dollars conversion ratios to encourage both social recognition and monetary rewards.
  • Easy sign up for part-time employees or 1099 contractors with company IDs.

"Fond's mission totally maps to the culture we're trying to create here at Dogeared," said Francine Campos, Dogeared's Director of People Engagement. "Before Fond we were limited in the number and type of rewards we could offer employees. Plus, it was a pain to manage. Now everything is automated, employees have tons of choices, and we can track to see who is giving rewards and who is receiving them. My favorite recognition is our on-the-spot Karma Award!"

With these enhancements, the Fond product suite now includes:

  • Rewards -- An HR-friendly recognition platform for how we work today that helps companies easily celebrate achievements and milestones consistently and meaningfully.
  • EngagementIQ -- A free, 6-question employee engagement survey tool that helps companies get started measuring how their employees are feeling at work.
  • Perks -- A premium corporate discounts club that gives employees VIP treatment via exclusive access to discounts on products, services and events to make their lives in and out of work more delightful and affordable.

"Culture is a multiplier of growth, period. If you want to grow, start with your culture," said Fukuyama. "Culture is also much bigger than catered lunches or a one-off survey where employees say what they think an organization wants to hear. What we're offering with Fond will address culture in ways that everyone in the organization can see and feel."

About the Rebrand
The rebrand team included heavy hitting brand strategists. Renowned naming expert Anthony Shore, Founder and CEO of Operative Words, led the renaming process. "It is so rare to find a known, four-letter word that hasn't been taken, and Fond so clearly aligns with what the company is trying to achieve in the market," said Shore. Shore's other projects include Accenture (from Andersen Consulting), YUM! Brands, Dreyer's Slow Churned Ice Cream and Samsung Galaxy S6.

Fond also worked with Prophet, a global consultancy, to come up with a new identity that represented the company's expanded capabilities and conveyed the company's persona of joy and employee happiness. "We immediately fell in love with the emotive direction of Fond's new name, and were inspired to create a living brand that captured their ambitious mission," said Tali Krakowsky, Executive Creative Director and Partner at Prophet. "We worked with them to craft a design that uses vibrant colors and forms to evoke the ideas of joy, variety and playfulness. In a way, the graphic system works just like Fond -- it is adaptable and embodies simple everyday moments of happiness." 

Reflecting on Fond's expanded suite of offerings and rebrand, leading industry analyst Josh Bersin noted that a focus on the employee experience is central to the future of the industry. "As work becomes more dynamic, technology-driven and global, companies are now shifting their focus on the end-to-end employee experience," said Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte. "This means looking at all the drivers of employee success in an integrated, personalized way."

About Fond
At Fond, we help organizations across industries strengthen company culture through an ongoing commitment to employee happiness. Our employee engagement products are intuitively designed and flexible so companies can tailor rewards, recognition, perks and sentiment measurement programs for maximum impact. Founded in 2012, Fond is headquartered in San Francisco. Learn more at

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