MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 10, 2017) - Authentic8, maker of Silo, the secure, virtual browser, has announced that its browser now enables organizations concerned about security and data compliance on the web to selectively redirect certain URLs for safe rendering in its patented isolated browser platform.

Secure web gateway (SWG) solutions provide a reliable way for organizations to handle users' web requests, allowing some sites to be accessed and others to be blocked. With Silo SWG integration, customers can now configure their edge gateways, proxies, or firewalls to forward some or all web requests to Authentic8 for processing.

The integration with Silo closes a security gap inherent to most secure web gateway solutions. SWG vendors categorize URLs to enable a go/no-go decision for access based on groups of sites. This requires gateway vendors to keep their categories current, which poses a major challenge, given the rate of change on the web and the diversity of URLs associated with the content embedded in the page.

Unclassified URLs, those which the vendor has not yet classified, represent a problem for IT: allow access and deal with potential security exposure, or block unclassified URLs and reduce efficiency of the business. Silo's SWG integration now solves this problem.

"We built Silo to deliver a completely isolated web execution environment that was available from anywhere without compromises to security or data policies," said Ramesh Rajagopal, co-founder and president of Authentic8. "We listened to our enterprise customers who needed integration with their existing infrastructure to preserve the native IT workflow. SWG integration was the logical next step."

To use SWG integration, customers will receive an identifying token that can be embedded in any URL forwarded to the service. Authentic8 will return an encoded pointer for the user to automatically connect to a secure, virtual browser where the site can be securely rendered. Each user's Silo instance is built with a policy defined by the customer.

Admins can enable a global configuration, with a single policy restricting key functionality like upload/download, copy/paste, free-form browsing to other web sites, and more. Alternatively, customers can create specific web use policies for different groups of users in their organization. All user activity data is logged and encrypted with a customer-supplied public key.

Customers can choose which URLs are redirected to Silo. They can forward any of their current categories, such as social media or personal productivity sites, allowing users access without undermining security or compliance policies. 

According to vendor research, there are approx. 50 billion URLs today, with only 30 billion categorized by typical content filters, leaving 40 percent of all URLs as "uncategorized." These uncategorized URLs can be forwarded, providing protection where the SWG cannot. By forwarding uncategorized URLs to Authentic8, IT no longer needs to balance security risk against potential loss of business based on overly aggressive restrictions.

Authentic8 SWG integration is available now. Contact for more information.

About Authentic8
Founded in 2010 by principals from Postini, Authentic8 is redefining how the browser is used to access web data. Its flagship product, Silo, is a cloud-based secure browser. Silo creates a perfect isolation layer between the user and the web, keeping all web code isolated in a secure environment while delivering an encrypted display of the remote browser session. Silo can also manage login credentials, device access controls and DLP policies. The Silo browser is built fresh at session start, and destroyed at session end, ensuring that users remain secure, compliant, and anonymous online. Try Silo risk free at

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