BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 12, 2017) - Booster Fuels, the mobile gas station that delivers gas right to your office parking spot, announces it has now safely pumped over 3M gallons of gas to tens of thousands of cars. Since the company made its first gas delivery 18 months ago, Booster has expanded its service to hundreds of companies throughout the San Francisco Bay and Greater Dallas-Fort Worth areas. Offering high-quality gas at competitive prices with free same-day delivery, app-based Booster is becoming a highly sought-after company perk at such client companies as Cisco, Oracle, eBay, Gilead, McKesson, PepsiCo, and more than 250 other major companies, including ten on the Fortune 100.

Showing accelerated interest from company benefits managers and sporting extraordinary customer satisfaction ratings (Net Promoter Score of 90), Booster is opening services at twenty-five to thirty new campuses and companies each month. With dozens of its custom-built purple mini-tankers in California and Texas, the company is transforming a once tedious task, gallon-by-gallon, giving people back their time and helping them eliminate a chore from their everyday life.

In addition, by delivering and pumping gas in office parking lots and eliminating the gas station errand, Booster is reducing road congestion as well as carbon emissions. By using Booster, customers have eliminated over 430,000 miles of travel to date and reduced their collective carbon footprint by 162 tons -- the equivalent of planting more than 6,700 trees.

"We are thrilled with employee interest and use of Booster Fuels since we started offering this perk seven months ago," said Todd Harris, President and CEO of Tech CU. "Booster gas delivery is one of the highest adopted benefits we've ever offered, with 40 percent of employees saving time, money, and hassle with this free service. We're also happy that Booster contributes to our corporate social responsibility efforts by decreasing the carbon footprint of those using the service."

"We have seen tremendous traction, with major company partners and their employees discovering the convenience and unexpected boost in happiness that comes with eliminating the gas station errand," said Frank Mycroft, CEO, Booster. "We give people peace of mind -- they won't be late for a morning meeting or need to stand outside in bad weather pumping gas. Our customers know they're getting a great deal because our prices are transparent. We let them compare against nearby gas stations right in the app."

To use Booster, simply open the app when you get to your office parking spot, pin your location, pop your gas tank door, and leave your car locked. Booster fills the gas tank while you work and sends a receipt to your inbox.

Adding to the convenience and overall value of the service, prices are typically less than those at nearby gas stations. Booster, which buys fuel directly from the source, cuts out the gas tanker middleman and gas station real estate costs to deliver a full-service experience at self-service prices.

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About Booster Fuels
Booster Fuels is the gas station that comes directly to your office parking spot, saving you time, money, and the hassle of the gas station errand. Booster provides high-quality gas at competitive prices with free same-day delivery. The app-based service is offered at hundreds of companies and university campuses, as well as to fleets, in the San Francisco Bay and Greater Dallas-Fort Worth areas. Employees at 10 of the Fortune 100 use Booster. The company has raised over $12 million in funding from venture capital firms such as Maveron and Madrona Venture Group.

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